I see people are still coming! Anyone want to guest post?

Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to read some of my older posts, but be aware that I have started new self hosted blogs but add to several of my blogger blogs on occasion.

I no longer have a home business with AmeriPlan. Between the economy, shortage of provider that accept the plans in my area, and some company changes, I decided to move on.

I also had been helping some newbie bloggers get started, so I now coach newbies, as well as a zillion other things- what can I say? I love the Internet and all that it offers!

The best way to see what I'm up to is to check out my sites and pages.

Please friend me where possible :-)

So here we go with (most of) the blogs:

Come on home - mom blog
Working at home advice

Accepting guest posts on these two:

From pup to dog-   Cute dog pictures, stories about funny dogs, dogs that have saved lives, etc....

BURST into wealth, health & happiness-  health related, weight loss tips, achieving happiness, etc...

My social network for bloggers

The Blogging Buddies Social Network

Facebook pages:

Blogging Biz Mom

Blogging Buddies


Zeek Rewards

A+ Affiliate Marketing

Central New York Network Marketing Group


Blogging Biz Mom

If you are interested in guest posting on From Pup to Dog or BURST into wealth, health & happiness

just email me at home4ever@hotmail.com Subject: guest post information

A few blogs to check out!

A couple of friends I have met through my online pursuits have recently started new blogs.

Check them out:

Mama with Alzheimer's: http://mamawithalzheimers.blogspot.com/

The author of this blog has (obviously) gone through some challenging times times with her mom.

Doing what you love! http://lisabcarter.blogspot.com/

Lisa makes beautiful quilts, pocketbooks & more.

Check them out!

Wildred The Caregiver : http://wildredthecaregiver.com/

Wildred is a home entrepreneur and caregiver to her mom. She has a lot to offer on both subjects.

And there you have it- three new blogs to check out...

So hop on over and give these "newbies' some bloggy love!


Happy 2011!

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope everyone had a great year- I know I did!

I know I did!

For those of you who didn't know, I have moved- at least my blog has...You can now find me at Come On Home

Please join me there!

To see why I moved , visit my other blog:

Working at home advice

In 2010- I also started a weekly newsletter, Tuesday Morning Blogging Tips- check that out HERE

I also started an online radio show! Check out the shows in the archives and join us every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. central.

Check them out here!

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So many updates...........

If you haven't already joined me, I've moved......my new blog is Come On Home..

Since I've left, I've had several exciting things going on...

First, I am now teaching a class, "Blogging for Newbies"- it runs on Tuesday mornings at 11:00 a.m. eastern time.


I have a *NEW* online radio show:

Get Bizzy Blogging

We chat about blogging, social networking and working at home, as well as have occasional guest speakers.

So join in the fun and check it out!

The first two episodes are archived.


My website is Blogging Biz Mom

My blog: Working at home advice

Mom Blog: Come On Home

Looking for friends :-(

I'm feeling a little lonely over at my new blog, http://www.comeonhome.net/ .

I am trying to figure out how to email all of my followers here at once to tell them I've moved.

Anyone have a clue how to do this? To email over 200 people individually could take a while : -)


We've Moved and have a new name!

For those who haven't seen it yet, I've moved!

My blog is now at http://www.comeonhome.net/

The new name, Come On Home seems to be more fitting for my blog. While I still talk about working at home quite a bit, this blog has become so much more than that.

And so I have moved and changed my name (to protect the innocent???).

My advice blog has moved as well to http://www.workingathomeadvice.com/

And of course, my new website is http://www.bloggingbizmom.com/

I hope all of my friends will "move" with me and we can maintain our friendships.

Love ya's !

See ya'all at my new bloggy home.