About me

My name is Carolee. I was born in the 60's in Cenral New York. I grew up in a suburban neighborhood for all of my childhood. My Dad was a hard working man and provided pretty well for us.

I have a sister, Kathy a.k.a Katz who is 4 yrs older. I also had a brother, John David who passed away 13 years ago. He was a hemophiliac bleeder, as were my 2 maternal uncles.

I learned alot about having compassion for people with handicaps because of my brother and uncles. Hemophilia can destroy your joints, and both of my uncles were eventually wheelchair bound. My brother missed alot of school due to bleeds, but he was a smarty. He read by 4 yrs old! I take credit for that- all my playing school with him.

I had 2 best friends, Tracy and Joni. Tracy's mom and my mom are (step) cousins. They lived on the street behind us, so our backyards were attached. This made it easy to visit your bestest friend! We have always called each other cuz, and despite the fact that she has been in Colorado for 20+ years, we still talk almost every week (for hours!). We are still best friends, and so are our moms.

Joni lives about 10 minutes from me, but we rarely see each other. We just have our own lives. The good news is, I just recently reconnected with her on Facebook. I also connected another very good friend from when I was a teen.

Growing up in the neighborhood was fun. Those were the days when you could take off on your bike all day and your mom really didn't worrry- I just can't imagine that! It's not that our parents didn't care, there just didn't seem to be as much to be afraid of. We would pack up a lunch, ride to the lake and spend all day swimming and hanging out looking at all the big boats docked there. Maybe that's where I first got the idea that I might want a houseboat someday.

As teenagers, we would often ride to a local beach. Ok, not so local, it was 13 miles (or so). I remember one time we had been swimming all day at the beach and were too tired to ride home. Someone came up with the idea of flattening a tire on my cousins bike. We called one of our moms, and got a ride home. Whew!

When I was about 7- 8 yrs my parents gave us kids a choice. Did we want a pool, or did we want to camp every weekend during the summers. We chose camp. My parents camped at the same campgrounds for about 25 years. Those were some of the best days of my life.

There were other families that camped there for years. Each Spring, we were so excited to get up to camp and see old friends. Those days were spent swimming, tubing, canoeing and more. There just isn't anything better. That is one regret I have always had- that I never got a trailer or cabin when my kids were little.

BTW- I recently reconnected with an old bud from camp on Facebook as well

Joni had a log cabin playhouse where we hung out. Quite often we would spend the night out there (when we were older) and wander the neighborhood at 3 or 4 a.m. Every now & then, someone would be leaving for work and see us. It's a wonder our parents never found out.

I went through a few "teen things"- lost loves, cigarets, beer and such.

My adult life sounds like a soap opera. Ok, not that bad. Although I've loved almost every job I ever had, I've never been happy at one job for more than 5-6 yrs. I just always wanted to work for myself. So started a long quest (YEARS) of trying a little of this, a little of that. I never stuck with anything for more than a few months.

Then I found AmeriPlan and I love it. You can learn more about my business ventures in my Business Stuff section.

Anyway, I have been with my honey, Ronald for 11 yrs. He brought 2 sons with him, and one lived with his ex-wife. I have previously only met him once, as they lived quite a ways away. Recently he has stayed here off and on. Life hasn't always been easy as a "step-mom" but it sure made me a whole lot stronger! And I have a gorgeous little (step) Grandson.

We have goats, chickens and ducks. Started as a hobby, but now after 6 years it's getting to be a chore and prices on hay and feed keep going up, so I'm not sure how long we'll keep them. I'm thinking about traveling, so.....

I like to write and have been published a few times in a local parenting magazine.

I was writing articles for Examiner.com, but they have change their guidelines. They want local content, which is hard since my subject is work at home, and the area is almost 2 hours from me. I don't know why I was assigned that area, but....

You can read some of my stuff HERE. Some of it has been published previously. Bear with me, I'm a little slow adding my stuff- stop back often!

I also have a blog, Advice For Work At Home with articles, advertising and such. If you are interested in advertising, you can email me at home4ever@hotmail.com - please put advertising on your wah blog in the subject area.

I volunteer as a Girl Scout leader and a Literacy Volunteer. My Girl Scouts are Cadettes, grades 6-8. I have 4 seventh graders and 1 eight grader.

As a Literacy Volunteer, I recently started helping a woman improve her reading skills. She is in her 50's and reading elementary level. We'll get her up there!

Oh, yeah! I also homeschool my daughter, hence the Homeschooling section here.