Dog Tales

Monday May 3, 2010

iPod is gone! I got a call Friday night from Candy ( the woman in charge of selling the pups). She asked if we were buying iPod. I told her I didn't think so. She had a potential buyer.

Saturday she came for iPod. If the people didn't buy her, I said I would take her back until she sold.

Apparently the people LOVED her! Their balck lab- who was I think 12 yrs. had recently died.

The people have a 10 year old daughter and she was just enchanted with iPod. They changed her name to Emmy- how cute!

Candy called yesterday..the new owners called her first thing yesterday morning...just to tell her HOW GOOD iPod is! They said to tell the people who trained her (us!) what a good job we did.

I'm sad, but happy that we were able to make another family happy.

I want another dog, Ron say we don't need one.

Stay tuned to see who wins this one me, soon - I mean Rocky's lonely.........

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We got some sad news at puppy training the other night. Canine Working Companions is closing! They can  no longer afford to remain open.

We all had to turn in our puppies vests, and they can no longer go in any store. The only places they can go is places that will let any dogs in, like many pet stores...

They are selling all the puppies. We have until the end of the month to decide if we want to purchase iPod or not. They want ALOT ( she's purebred) and Ron is not hearing any of it!

I can't blame him. We knew we had to give her up in another 6 months or so, and it's alot of money.and with him not working right now....(Although he has a new job, just waiting for the boss to get everything together and get the service vehicle all set up)

...and we've been looking into buying a trailer. Now that everyone is psyched about that.........

I'm just so torn. She is such a good puppy. We all love her, but it's a lot of money.

What would you do?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow, I hadn't realized it had been so long since I posted! IPod has been doing great! In training class this week we practiced the "stay" and "leave it" commands.

They had a little girl walk around and through all the dogs with a sqeezey (sp?) toy. Our job was to keep the dog in a stay and not go for the toy.

Then the girl dragged a toy fox tail through. We again had to make our puppies stay. iPod did great.

She is doing better walking. Yesterday, we took a walk. On the way back, iPod squatted and started pooping- in front of someones yard!

The kicker? I had forgotten my pooper pupper supplies- napkins and a plastic bag.

We were right on the edge of the woods, and I knew there was some garbage in the ditch.

All I could find was a McDonald's cup- I figured I could "scoop it up" and carry it home. We went back to where I thought "the deed" was done....


I walk a little furthur-


Don't know where it could have gone, but I never did see it.

Weird, huh?

Wednesday March 31st

Rocky and iPod had a visit to the vets. They are both healthy happy little buggers.

At puppy training class this week we practiced walking by other people with dogs and keeping our dogs attention on us and away from the other dogs. I was surprised how good iPod did.

We then TRADED dogs with someone- handed them off to each other while walking by. We then did some training with the other persons dog. I was amazed how well the dogs did.

I guess the dogs have to get used to other people telling them what to do. If their owner is ever hospitalized, someone else may have to take care of them.

Anyway, the two dog trainers were quite pleased with the puppies- they are really learning well!

Yeah, iPod!

Sit, stand, kneel down?

No, we're not in church! That is what iPod is learning, minus the kneel down part, of course : -)

iPod has been practicing standing on command, staying and walking without pulling ( a MAJOR feat!)

iPod loves her walks. The weather was great for a few days, but it's supposed to cool off again.

I have to look for a new water dish. iPod likes to pick it up and carry it around. The problem is, at times it still has water in it. At least the kitchen floor get's "washed".

Unfortubately, my pics wouldn't upload to the computer (again) and they are all corrupted. I had some super cute pics!

Little Man, the grandson has a new job. He holds on to the dogs leash for me while I get my shoes on. It's funny, because I forgot he did that last time he was visiting. The other day, the puppy had to go out. I grabbed her leash, hooked it and went to slip my boots on. Little Man ran over and held his hand out for the leash. Too cute- pic is corrupted, Little Man went home. Maybe next time.

Here is a pic I got with my Blackberry- Little Man and Rocky napping. Love the  "couch scene" in the background.

Learning to be tied out..

Although it isn't recommended to keep a dog tied out for extended periods of time, it's something they should get used to. If you are out mowing your lawn or something, it might be nice for the dog to be outside.

iPod loves being outside, so we put a long rope out. Ron attached it to the leg of the picnic table. iPod has been having a ball being out there while we feed the goats, or while we are doing yard work.

She likes to walk down the road as well. She still pulls on the leash now and then, so we are working on that.

Otherwise, she's a good puppy.

Learning to walk.........

We have been taking iPod out on the road to practice walking. She does good, but she wants to run! Ok for Princess Der.

Me, I'm not too fond of running. I did do a little jog with the pooch this morning. It was ok. I still prefer to walk.

Rocky is all excited to be out walking again, too. He gets so excited, he's trying to do a super-trot. He's big enough ( I mean BIG) I can just put my hand in his collar to hold him back and slow him down and still walk comfortably.

I think everyone has Spring fever. It's been in the 40's- heat wave!

If this keeps up, we'll have to find a park to go walking. Maybe along the lake....

The poopy is no longer soupy...

The Little Vixen iPod sleeps against Rocky after terrorizing him for a while.........

....he is such a patient little guy- he's just so happy to have a friend again.

iPods poop is finally almost normal! Yeah! I was so worried about her. Depite the poopy problem, she has been all puppy. She just loves the outdoors, especially the snow. You can tell by how zonked she is that she had fun out there yesterday!

Tuesday February 23, 2010

Dog Psychology 101

These dogs just constantly amaze me how they play and even communicate. When I take them out, Rocky is off leash. He is trained well and knows to stay in the yard (usually!) iPod will never be allowed off leash when outside. Just the rules...they cost too much and will have an important job after training.

Anyhoo- they both love snow. Rocky will tease iPod by running (about 100 mi an hour) around the yard. Now & then if we are chilling outside I will run around the yard with iPod. I cannot keep up with Rocky, however.

There are times where Rocky will go up to iPod and stop dead and stare at her...then suddenly, he's off like a bullet, running around the yard.

This morning I had them both out and they suddenly both stopped what they were doing, stared at each other for a few seconds and at the EXACT same moment they both jumped up for a little licking and horseplay. I mean, did one give the other a signal, like wink or a slight movement of the head?

Puppy still had mushy/bordering on diarrhea poop when we went to class last. She is still acting totally normal, so I was only 1/2 concerned. Ellen, the trainer said to not feed her for 12 hours, then give her rice for a few meals. Obviously if there is blood in the stool or it get's worse, call the vet.

Funny, I thought of rice, too! Remember the BRAT diet? Bananas, rice,apples, and tea(? not sure ?)

She was also "sent home sick" from puppy class. Poor thing! All the other puppies were walking away to go to another part of the mall, and iPod REALLY wanted to join in!

So far today, iPod did not eat the rice. She whined to get out of her cage, where I was feeding her. Finally she said, "Fine!" and took a nap!

iPod carrying a pan that Little Man took out of the cupboard. She will often pick up her dish like this and bring it to me. Good skill to have when working with a person with disabilities, but I don't want to encourage it unless the trainer says it's ok. I forgot to ask her last week- I'll have to send her an email.

Friday, February 19, 2010

iPod has been experiencing some "soupy poopy" since yesterday morning. She woke up with some in her crate. It is actually a little mushy. Sorry for the subject matter- just saying...

Otherwise, she has been playing, eating and drinking. I am going to contact the agency today to see if they want me to monitor her, or just take her to the vets.

iPod LOVES the snow! I have a hard time getting her to come in.

Of course Rocky has to race all over the yard, teasing iPod. She can never be off-leash when outside. There is just too much money and time put into these puppies to let them possibly run away or get hit by a car. So now and then I will run around the yard with her.

I can't wait for the weather to break. We love to walk around the neighborhood with our dogs, and we also have a couple of nice parks that are dog-friendly.


iPod is really good at sitting. She is pretty good at down, stay and come.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Puppy Training

Last night iPod had her first puppy training class. We worked on sit, down, touch, and walking up and down the stairs. iPod was running up & down the stairs! A few puppies needed some work to negotiate them.

iPod has stayed in her crate all night without a potty break for 2 nights! Of course, Princess Der is off visiting relatives, and iPod sleeps in her room. Maybe the Princess is too quick to jump at the first little whine.

Today iPod went to the pet store and grocery store with me. Of course, she and Rocky got some great new toys.

Now, she's taking a long deserved nap.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Puppy Love

IPod is settling in nicely. She loves Rocky, and Rocky loves her. In the pic, she is settling down for a snooze with the Rockman.

So far she has gone to the Library, Walmart (2x's) and the Girl Scout Cookie Depot. She has already learned sit very well, and down (lay), off (furniture, people), sit & stay pretty well.

She learned how to go up the porch stairs alone the other day, and just this morning she started going down- a major feat!

She will start going to our Girl Scout meetings a week from Tuesday.

She wakes up 2 x's a night to go potty, but the times are getting furthur apart, so sh'ell most likely go through the night in a week or so.

Little Man (the 2 yr old  Grandson) has been here, so we constantly have to watch iPod- she likes to grab a car or truck to munch on. I take it away, and replace it with one of her toys.

She's a good puppy- she loves everyone.

Tomorrow  night....puppy training. We'll get to see iPods brothers and sisters. That should be cool!

More later.....

This is a tale of two dogs.....

This is the tale of 2 dogs, Rocky and iPod.

Meet Rocky
This is Rocky, a Black Lab/something mix that was a rescue dog- we adopted him. He is 2 years old. He's a pretty lazy dog. A good dog except he has one quirk. In the wintertime, he wants to go out around 3:30 in the morning.

Once he comes in, sometimes he's happy, sometimes he wants to go back out 1/2 hour or an hour later. Usually if Ron is home, he gets up and lets the dog out.

If Ron happens to be out on a road call, then Rocky usually DOES NOT want to go out- so is it a dog problem or a dog & Ron problem? You be the judge.

I think the deer, rabbits and other creatures are out around that time. We have seen evidence of tracks in our yard. Maybe Rocky senses it and wants to investigate. Sometimes he'll bark out there, sometimes he sits on the porch stairs and stares off into space.

Meet iPod

This is iPod. She is a puppy we are training for Canine Companions. We will do basic training and socialization skills with her. We can take her to stores, meeting, walks in the city, get her used to all kinds of situations.

She is fitting in well. We have had her two nights. The first night she woke up twice to go out. No whining beside having to go out. Last night she whined some, according to Princess Der.

We have a training manual, and have to go to classes every week. Princess Der is going to be the main trainer.

Yesterday, iPod went to the library where I used to work, where we dropped off a letter of introduction. The director said she wasn't sure if iPod would be allowed in the library- it has to go before the board of directors.

By law, a puppy in training can be refused entrance into an establishment, but a trained Service Dog must be allowed in if the owner needs it.

We also went to Walmart, where we eagerly welcomed. Princess Der talked to quite a few employees and shoppers about the puppy and the organization itself. Two fellows asked for a pamphlet as they would like to raise a puppy as well.

Puppy was tired in the afternoon!

Stop back again for more news on Rocky & iPod.