Future millionaires of America! Did you know...

Sunday, my daughter and I went to a Future Millionaires class for Girl Scouts put on by a couple of great ladies from Primerica Financial Services They really shared some very interesting information on money and business. For instance:

Out of 100 people 65+ years old:

1 is wealthy

54 are dependent on family or government for part or all of their needs

36 are still working

5 are deceased

4 are doing ok

Wow! Those are some scary numbers!

How about this:

Out of a 5 lb. bar of steel, you can make:

Horseshoes valuing $45.00

Needles worth $300.00


Watch springs worth $3,000.00!

One last fact I found amazing.....and most math teachers don't know this...

"The rule of 72"

If you want to find out how long it will take to double your money, divide the interest rate by 72. That will be your answer!

And one question they asked- If you could meet someone (dead or alive) who would you like to meet?

I put Abraham Lincoln. I've alway's "had a thing" for him. I got a book about him when I was a kid and always liked his honestly, of course. But he was also liked to have fun & "pull pranks" on others.

The day before the class, I was reading the book by Mary Kay that I have been raving about- found these facts on Lincoln:

1831- Failed in business
1832- Defeated for legislature
1833-Again failed in business
1835- Sweetheart died
1836-Suffered a nervous breakdown
1838-Defeated for speaker
1840- Defeated for elector
1843-Defeated for congress
1848-Again defeated for congress
1855- Defeated for Senate
1856-Defeated for Vice President
1858-Defeated for Senate

Lincoln shows that persistence DOES pay off!

My fave quote is by Lincoln (and is crucial for those in biz to remember):

I will prepare and some day my chance will come!

So friends, share! Who would you like to meet?


Military Momz said...

Persistence, one of my most favorite words! Great post!!!

Shelby-WAHM said...

I too, would like to meet Abe Lincoln. I have been to his cabin home in KY and have always found him fascinating. Smart beyond his time.

Nithya said...

How inspiring to know that a great person like Abe Lincoln succeeded after several attempts. It remind me of Edison's words, "I have learned 1000 ways not to make a light bulb".
Thanks for the post.