It ain't over till it's over!


One night a few weeks ago, after posting my ads (for work at home and dental and health benefits) , I started reading blogs . I got slightly carried away, and before I knew it, it was 2 a.m. And it hit me- blogs are like soap opera's! And I was addicted!

It was innocent enough.

I mean, having a grandson now, I have to occasionally see what Rowdy Grandma is up to.

And who isn't checking in with Military Momz as we await the return of Lisa's son, Brock.

And I often say a silent prayer for the "stars" of 3 is my crowd, a young family trying to make it in tough times.

And those facing challenges we could only imagine, like Sandie of My Blessed Life. Another one I eagerly await "news" of, and regularly pray for.

And then there's Clusterfook . I loved the name, I had to see the blog. The most recent post was about a memorial for Lisa, who had apparently died of Cancer. I thought, wow this blogger is having a memorial for a fellow blogger she met who had Cancer. Man, how cool, and they met online.

I wanted to know more about this kind hearted blogger, so went back several posts. Come to find out, she too had Cancer and was dying. This was (I think) her 4th bout of this disease, and there was no cure. Her courage and strength moved me. Something did. I immediately put it on my blogroll , vowing to go back in a few days and finish reading until I was up to date. I had a couple of posts between what I read that night and the most recent post.

As usual, life got in the way and it was several days before I got back to it. I went to the site and all of a sudden it hit me - Lisa was the blog author, and someone else was doing the memorial for HER. The posts I hadn't read yet filled in that blank! And I cried like a baby (and am starting to cry now...) The very person I was rooting for was in fact, gone when I had found the blog. I didn't know that, but my point is I CONNECTED with her love, her spirit- I cared, even after knowing her (cyber-like) for 20 minutes or so. Anyway, I'm rambling.....

So, I'm addicted...........

So, I started a NEW blog, called Bloggers Connect. I thought it would be cool to have different things to do each week , and at the end of the week everyone that participated shares the links. Great exposure for yourself, and other cool bloggers you run into. And, I just really can't fit all the fun blogs on this site, so I have another.

I had a few tech issues with Bloggers Connect which delayed the "Grand Launching" and the came the Ultimate Blog Party.

Those of you who are regular readers here know I participated in the Ultimate Blog Party. Another distraction, but SUCH a good one! It was so neat to see how many great blogs there really are out there! Which motivated me to get Bloggers Connect going.

I have the issues worked out (except Mr. Linky at the moment) and the first Bloggers Connect activity is up!

So hop on over and check it out. Then, start connecting with others! And remember to leave your link. If you don't have a blog, that's ok. Just pick any blog as a starting off point.

Hope to "see" you there.


Dawn Beardsley said...

Hi, starting my blogroll. Thanks for starting bloggers connect, it sounds like fun.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

love the idea - I tried to leave a comment on Bloggers Connect and was unable

Carolee said...

Trying to work out the issues with the comments.

Thanks for your patience.