Friday Fragments and Virtual Girls Night Out!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Well today is Friday, which means Friday Fragments at Half-Past Kissin' Time. I have never participated in this before, but had a few fragmented thoughts this week, so here goes....

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Can Ducks count?

We have 7 baby ducks, about 3 weeks old. They are really getting independent. But one thing I noticed...when one of them doesn't follow momma into the barn or something, she will stop. She will look around and start her "momma chirps". The duckling rebelliously chirps back. Finally, momma gives "The Chirp..." And the straggler joins momma and it's siblings.

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 Did you know you can put a frog in a trance?

It's True!

Hold your hand in front of the frog as if you are telling it to stop.

Start making small circles with your outstretched hand

Move closer and closer , still moving your hand in a circular motion

Slowly crouch down, still moving your hand closer, doing circles

You can now touch the frog or pick it up!

It works, I tried it!

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Ok, one more animal fact (well, maybe 2)

Did you know that there are over 500 million goats in the world?

And that there is more goats milk is consumer than cow's milk in the world?

And that despite what people think, goats do NOT eat everything!

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Speaking of Little Animals...Where has Little Man been?

Little Man is on the missing list! Unfortunately his Dad did not like us telling him to pick up after himself or Little Man. Dad moved in with mom and the other Grandma. Adios- it's pretty quiet here now with out the big screen TV blasting out gun shots and such from video games!

We are going to try to get The "Man" tomorrow or Sunday- we miss the Little Guy!

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Time to wrap up the week with Virtual Girls Night Out!


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I am Harriet said...

Great fragments. O love those aquariums.
Happy VGNO! said...

Those ducks are SO cute!!!

Happy VGO!

blueviolet said...

Those momma ducks are good mommas, aren't they?

That's really cool about the frog!

Emalee said...

LOL......Ducks are silly
Happy VGNO

flavoredmom said...

The animal facts are sooo cute. Happy VGNO!

Native American Momma said...

I think they can count. :)
Happy VGNO

robin said...

How cute are those ducks???
Happy Friday and happy GNO!

Martha in PA said...

Happy VGNO!


Stacey said...

Now I have to wait until next summer to find a frog to try that on. My son will love me for this- thanks!

Tracie said...

Those ducks are super cute...maybe they are smart too! I love the thought that she is counting, so I think I will choose to believe that!

Now that I know that more people drink goats mild than cows milk (which I don't really like very much) it makes me want to try goat I wonder where someone without a goat can get some??

Happy VGNO

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Yes, we love our farm friends. As soon as I can, I'll get pics of the baby goat on here- he's too cute.


Goats milk is pretty creamy- more like whole cows milk. If you're used to fat fee, 1% or 2% goats milk may be a bit rich at 1st.

When my daughter was younger, I milked some of my girls as we thought my daughter had a milk allergy.

You can usually find someone selling it (provided you have some farms in your area)in the Pennysaver or other paper.

Believe it or not, some stores also have goats milk. I know most have at least canned goats milk- I think it's in the baking section near pie fillings. Never tried that.

Yaya said...

That is so cute about the ducks!

JulieChats said...

Yes, I believe that Ducks can count, well most of us anyway. Being a journalism major, they didn't make me take math in college, but still, I can count... :) (University of Oregon Ducks, that is)

Funny Fragments!

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