Golden Child Graduated!

The digital died, my cell phone took fuzzy pics,....but the good news is, we did get a disposable camera and have pics there.

Now I have to remember to develop them!

                                                    Obviously a cell phone pic!

I am so proud of my son. He wasn't always a lover of school, but somewhere around 10th grade he just exploded! The teachers could not say enough about him. He participates, he challenges the teachers and gets them thinking

It's pretty cool (though I feel old) that some of the kids that I babysat when I did home daycare graduated as well.

Another great thing my mom and I got talking about yesterday...

How some of the kids you thought wouldn't go anywhere when they were younger ended doing ok- some even ended up doing some great things in high school.

We had several that practically lived here because of problems at home.

One has worked a retail job for a couple of years, and he just graduated. He was one I seriously worried about.

Another one is 19 and works as a diesel mechanic at a local biz. He is an excellent mechanic.

Both could have continued on the wrong path, but decided to make positive changes.

Right now they are 18 and 19 - who know's where they will be at 28 & 29?

I am so proud of all my boys- my bio kids, step-kids and all of their friends, our "adopted kids" for all of their accomplishments.


Aging Mommy said...

Carolee you amaze me, not only do you have your hands full with your own family but you happily take other kids in need of some TLC under your wings too. Congratulations to your son, what a wonderful and proud day for you all.

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