The boss is still away

I have today off, but it sure doesn't feel like it! I have to run to the Girl Scout council & hand in paperwork, then I need to shop for an event the scouts are holding tomorrow. Tonight, we have a G.S. Halloween party. And, I have 2 sick kids-hope they are feeling better.

The boss is still away, and all these hours at the J-O-B are killing me! I have such a burning need for my biz, and of course customers call when I'm at work, then I pray they are home when I get home. What a difference compared to some of the other businesses I've tried. They all had products that you had to push on friend & foe alike to make money. You had to convert your whole household to the product you were peddling. After all, if you don't use it & believe in it, how can you expect others to buy & use your product?

This biz is so different! This is a service that millions of Americans need. I can sleep at night with a clear conscience knowing I have helped someone, not conned them into buying a bottle of shampoo for $12.99 or something. When I talk to a customer on the phone about our benefits, I don't have that cringe inside that I get selling overpriced products. I can speak proudly of this company. Because we have used the benefits, I can speak honestly & with great excitement about our savings.

Anywhoo, speaking of the biz, I need to get down to biz- it's 6:51 a.m. & the kiddies will be up soon. I think I'll return phone calls before I leave, then go do my running around. Maybe I'll drop by an apartment bldg. or two & distribute flyers. They are really my favorite & most effective form of getting the word out. I really enjoy checking out all these little towns that are 10-15 miles away. I ran into a few neat stores and started my Christmas shopping while out doing flyers. You also never know who you will meet! Later!