Quite a productive weekend

Saturday, I had a lot of shopping to do. Groceries, halloween costumes and business supplies all needed to be purchased. I figured I wouldn't get much done in the line of business that afternoon. My daughter & I stopped at a used bookstore in the town we were in. I know the owner's aunt, and we have been waiting for this new business to open. They've been in business for a month or so, but I have never managed to get there when they are open. They were open then! On the door there was a sign for an American Sign Language class, and one for piano lessons. We looked around, and I purchased something. While talking with the owner, I asked about teaching a class or two. She asked what I have & I told her I have taught journal writing for kids , and also a class for adults. I had taught them a few times at the library where I work part-time. She was quite intereseted & took my number. I also mentioned I work at home for a health benefits company. She said they were having an open house in a month or so, and if I wanted, I could set up a booth with materials. Do I want to? You bet! So, I did do something for my business after all!

Yesterday, my daughter and I made a day of it. We went to a town a few miles from ours and put flyers on bulletin boards in about 25 apartment buildings & in gas stations. Then, we went out to lunch. We really had fun!

Today it is supposed to be in the 70's. As soon as my daughter goes to school, I will feed my goats & chickens, and then take the dogs for a walk. That is one of my favorite times of the day. If I have an appt. or a lot of stuff to do, we will just romp through our woods for 20 minutes or so. Otherwise, we will go for a few miles on the road. The dogs love it, and I always feel pumped up and ready to go. That is one of the reasons I love working at home. If I had to leave everyday first thing in the morning, and return home only to eat, do housework, help kids with homework, and go to bed, when would I have time for the dogs & exercise? Unfortunately, I have to work at my J-O-B from 1p.m.-9 p.m. tonight as my boss is out. That really cramps my business style, but I'm thankful & have until noon or so, and tomorrow I only work 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. Plenty of afternoon left! Well, gotta wake the kiddo up! Until later- see you at the top!