Yippie -skippie, I have the day to conduct business. I have a few errands to run, so I will probably post a few flyers while I'm out. Yesterday I had a flood of calls, many who weren't in when I called back yesterday. So I'll have alot of people to talk to today!

My sister emailed me that she's going to Texas with Mom & I in February! Yee-haw! I can't wait! I really want to meet everyone that I know by voice only- put a face to the voice. I am going to open up a special savings account just for this event. I am just so excited to be in a biz where I see results not just in myself, but others. I have seen several people rise up in the company, making 6 figure incomes. I know that if these people can do it, so can I! Speaking of which, I need to go do some work! Later!