I'm Free!

Wow, I have had the weirdest week! On Monday, I handed in my resignation at work. I felt like a burden had been lifted, but then suddenly my heart became heavy. I really do love my job, but I was hired to be there x amount of hours plus be available to work for others in case of emergency, sickness, or vacations. Since my surgery in the summer of 2006, I have had to routinely go to the docs. for different tests and such. My kids also seem to have tons of doctor, dentist and orthodontist appointments. It was getting to the point at times that I was needing someone to fill in for me more than I could fill in for others. So, I took the plunge!

I was going to do it the first of the year anyway and just concentrate on my business. I wanted to be home with my daughter this summer instead of sticking her in day camp. I can see where my biz is going, and I want to get there faster! It was very hard to run a business when you sometimes worked days, sometimes nights- very hard to schedule appointments with people.

Today, my Girl Scouts & I are going camping, and tomorrow they go horseback riding. I went to a class last weekend for the G.S. about taking the girls on extended trips. These two instructors blew my mind! They have taken their girls all over the U.S.- every year they do a big trip. My girls were thinking of going somewhere about three hours away- now I'm fired up and yesterday we thought of a few places even FURTHUR away!

And the great thing is, I don't have to ask a boss if I want to go! I am my boss, and since I get paid residual income, I get paid whether I am working or not. Also, how cool would it be to put flyers up everywhere we went in Boston, or Philly, or wherever we decide to go. I will tell the girls, "Today we are having a lesson in marketing. Group A take these flyers and go that way, group B, go that way!" Ha-Ha! Anyway, gotta fly!