The weekend

Friday night camping with the Girl Scouts was so much fun! Saturday, after we left the camp, we took them to a horse stable where they earned their horse badge and got to ride around the arena for about 1/2 hour or so. The smiles on the girls faces as they rode by made it all worthwhile. Then yesterday, my mom came over and we drew names for our family's secret santa. My mom & were going to go over & see my new (step) grandbaby that was born Tuesday. Mom hasn't seen him yet. Unfortunately, they weren't home. So today I took my other stepson's girlfriend out to lunch, along with my 10 year old daughter. After lunch we went & saw the baby. He actually opened his eyes! He's always sleeping when I see him. I told the momma that anytime she wanted a day off, let me know-I'll be home. How nice is it to say that? I can't wait for this summer-I have to do something really cool like rent a beach house & have all the kids ( & grandkid) spend the weekend. Or go to Disney or something! I know the G.S. are thinking of Boston or Philadelphia or something. Can't wait!