Why I chose to work at home

The Dreamer
I guess I have always been a bit of a dreamer. Even as a small girl, I have wanted my own office. I actually had an "office" up in my parents attic; makeshift desk & all. I even had a portable typewriter- Now that was the life! It's not that I don't like working. In fact I've loved every job I've had, but after a while, I get bored. I missed my kids and often had to miss school plays, concerts, etc... Over the years I have tried numerous business ventures, all that involved selling, storing & shipping of products. I hated asking people to buy a bottle of shampoo for close to $10.00 when they can get a bottle of Suave at the grocery store for under a buck. I never made any money, and could never interest anyone in my business so that I could build a team and start realizing a generous income for myself and others on my team. Finally, about 6 months ago, I stumbled across the company I now work for. I am an Independent Business Owner with the company, and lovin' just staying home & working in my jammies. I have found something that is needed by millions of Americans- health benefits. 7 out of 10 people have no dental plan. Many do not have medical. We help those people. We also help others realize their dream of working at home.

My Why
What is a "why?" A "why" is the reason(s) you would like to work from home- your dreams and goals for the future. I started out my "why" with paying off my house & car, being home with the kids, etc... When I saw this business was working, I started dreaming bigger. Now my dreams include a new house on the hill in the woods behind my house, with lots of glass windows in the back, overlooking the pond at the bottom of the hill. I absolutely love my woods & the pond, and from our present home you can barely see the pond through the trees when the trees have leaves. I would also like a houseboat, but my significant other, Ron, wants an RV. I told him we will just have to buy both. My daughter & I would like to open our home to foster neglected & abused puppies & dogs. I would like to go on a cruise, as well as get back to my cousin's house in Colorado. Alot of dreams. Alot of money. Better get back to work!

Until next time-DREAM BIG!