Oh, happy days!

Wow, it was really weird not to go to work last night! It was pretty nice, too. I had some people that had to be called back at night, and they didn't have to wait two days for me to get back to them!

My honey has been working late because of a shortage of hands at work. My teenage son spends more time at his girlfriends house than here, so that leaves my 10 year old daughter & I. She has been so happy about me quitting my job that she is very good about my sneaking off to my office to make phone calls. She has also been keeping the kids bathroom pretty clean on her own, and she did the kitchen floor last night! She has also been putting my information on my brochures for me and stamping postcards. She is quickly becoming a Dani Johnson fan. Good for her!

My house already looks better. I sneak a little housework in right after my daughter leaves for school (unless I walk the dogs first!) . I put on a training call, make breakfast & clean up. Then I start returning calls and answering any new email. If there is a lapse of time between scheduled calls, I sneak in a bit more housework. Somewhere in the afternoon, I take an hour or so to do some laundry & such. Maybe make some more calls, then start dinner. After dinner, I return calls to those that are only available in the evening.

I love the freedom I have now. Yesterday, I put out flyers in a town I hadn't been to before. I have gotten calls from people in that town that must have picked up a flyer elsewhere. Interesting LITTLE town. I was hoping it would be like the last little town I went to- every establishment seemed to have a bulletin board. I'm going back there very soon ( if we don't get plowed with snow!) The place had some cool little shops. I can go Christmas shopping, and since I'm putting out flyers everywhere, I can claim my mileage! I also will probably talk to some small business owners about benefits for their employees!

Well, it's time to wake my little pumpkin up for school. Gotta run!