This is it

Tonight is my last night at work. I am very excited ansd somewhat sad. The kids have been home alot for Thanksgiving break. It snowed a little the other day so my 10 year old daughter & I took my cross country ski's out in the yard & goofed off. Of course, I couldn't find the wax, and there was only a trace of snow, but we had fun & tried. Then we played a few games and have been working on a very difficult puzzle. The pieces start out big, but get progressively smaller as you go on. That's a challenge- not to mention the puzzle is about dalmations, so you have a million spots to deal with! We really had fun over the weekend. I can see where we will have a lot of good times over the summer, too!

Business has been great, too! After today, I should have all the time in the world to do my thing. Three cheers! Hip-hip horray! Hip-hip-horray! Hip-hip horray!