Niagara Falls

We got back yesterday from a trip with the Girl Scouts to Niagara Falls. We went Friday night and spent the night at Aquarium of Niagara. We slept near the big fish. One of the sea lions started barking at about 4 a.m. and woke me up. I layed there for another hour or so. The sea lion barked a few more times. I got up and there was a little Brownie from another troop standing at the Sea Lion tank. We stood there for about 1/2 hour talking and watching the sea lions swim so gracefully all over the place. After a while 2 other girls woke up and joined us. We then started watching the penguins- I really liked both! Of course, I left some info here and there for my biz.

I have an event coming up at a local mall on Saturday, May 3rd. April 27- May 3rd is Cover The Uninsured Week. An associate and I are going to be there handing out info on the company's health benefits. We have a drawing going on, and things to give away. I have to hustle this week and get things finished! Hopefully, we'll get alot of business from this event. The company has just come out with a new bonus program that pays a bonus for each membership sign up OVER and ABOVE the normal residual pay.

I also have several people interested in the business. When people look into our biz, they see we are onto something that is only going to get bigger! Healthcare is a HOT issue today. We are all aware of the crisis going on. I have members that were laid off & lost their benefits. All they can find is a temporary job, with no health benefits. COBRA can cost a person 100's of dollars a month. They make a dollar or two too much for medicaid or other help. How does someone on Unemployment or working a temp place afford private insurance? They are stuck with out benefits, and their children don't get the routine healthcare they need. They call us, and for $19.99- $59.95 they get help with their bills! We are considered the "Sam's Club of Healthcare." I think that's cool! I like to help other's and I can do that here. I've tried other businesses where I had to beg friends and family to buy shampoo's and such, and I hated it! With this biz, people call us if they need benefits. And it's a service that is really needed.

Well, need to go and feed my goats and work on my duck pond. We are going to get 6 ducklings to join our 4 muscovy's. We thought the females did the boot scoot and boogey, but they're back! Until later!