Wow! It's already Thursday!

What happened to this week? I have been helping a couple of new brokers get their home business off the ground as well as doing some footwork for our event this weekend. I still have people to call back that we asked for donations of prizes or give-aways- they don't seem to call you back!

I have been playing "chauffer" this week. Everyone's car seems to be on the fritz, and the kids need to get to work.

I never got the ducklings the other day. I have just been too busy. In fact, my mom has been in town for several days, and we still haven't hooked up. Of course, she's a social butterfly and after not seeing her friends for a few months, she's ready to go! So she's been booked, too.

Anyway, I have calls to make and Girl Scouts is later.Just wanted to drop in and say "Wow! It's already Thursday!"