The company is in 2 magazines this month!

Our company is featured (front cover as a matter of fact) on Simply Home magazine and mentioned in Parent magazine this month ( 25 ways to save on healthcare). Janie and Michael Jones, who are on the front of the Simply Home magazine are our team leaders. They are absolutely great leaders!

Our event at the mall went ok-of course I thought 100's of people would be flocking around at once, but it wasn't quite that busy! There was a carnival going on in the parking lot. I thought that would draw more people into the mall, but I think it kept them out. Also, my big sign I had ordered was on back order, so we really had nothing that really stood out & told people who we were. I have been talking to a few people from that event about both dental & health benefits and work at home.

As you can see from the pic, I got my frisbees. I put a sticker on some of them that said "Free-take me home." I already have two events locally to hand them out. I'm working on a 3rd right now. I brought some to Girl Scouts and gave one to each girl. I had to bring one of the scouts home. On the way home, I wanted to fling a frisbee out the window into my friend's yard. We passed by an apartment bldg, and I said, "Hold on, let me throw a frisbee here." So I opended the window and chucked the frisbee into the yard. When we got to my friends, I again rolled down the window, and Vooom....I threw the frisbee out the window and landed it right near the stairs leading to the door. I should have been a paper girl! Every place we passed I was goofing around saying" There's a place to throw a frisbee" and would make the voom noise. This Girl Scout was laughing so hard at me, I thought she was going to wet her pants. It was funny. I threw a frisbee out the window near the river where boaters dock, one near a place where a lot of people fish. I even threw one out the window at two girls, yelling to them that it is free! I can have fun with these! I can't wait to go to the park and give some out! If you can't have funwith this biz, there's no sense doing it! Gotta go- have a team call soon!