Been a rockin'

Geez, I've been so busy! We had Girl Scout Bridging last night. Two of my girls bridged to Cadettes, but they aren't really going anywhere. Next year, our troop is going to be a Junior/ Cadette troop. So, I can keep my girls for a few more years :)

I signed up one fellow for health benefits from the mall event, as well as some people I talked to months ago! Another was from a flyer I put in my Grandmothers town.You just never know where they will come from or when.

I got my rear window of my car done. Mike Bearup at Salt City Signs did it and I think he did a GREAT job! I have had several compliments on it! Mike puts on a big event for Halloween every year at Onondaga Lake ( I believe at Longbranch). They have wagon rides, games and food. We had a great time there when we went last year. He's a great guy and I highly recommend him.
Before I got to Mikes place, I went to about 6 new laundermats and a truck stop to put out flyers. Hopefully, I'll "fill my pipe-line" enough now that I can hang out at home all winter, enjoying the falling snow. I'm an outdoors kinda gal in the summer, and I love to shovel in the winter, but I also love just hunkering down by the old coal stove.

We had our event at our town hall today. it was "Big Truck & Safety Day" and they let me come and hand out my frisbees. I handed out 100 and already have one person signing up and talked to several more people about it. Many people don't have health benefits and can really use a service like ours.

Next week, we are going to our field days to hand out frisbees. I like the fact that I can do my home business the way I like. Some of our brokers work exclusively through the Internet. We have one retired surgeon who has built her business entirely on flyers! I like the doing the footwork now (going to parks, beaches, field days, footwork?) and increase my Internet stuff in the winter.
Anyway, I'm beat! Ron went to the dump today, which started me on a cleaning frenzy! I decluttered, shampooed rugs, etc...We got alot accomplished, but geez, I was going from about 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., then had to leave about 5:30 for Big Truck Day.
So, Good night!