Almost June!

June is almost here! I can't wait! On June 26-29, Ron & I will be in Dallas, Tx for a company convention. This is a big step for Ron. He is finally coming around (after a year!) and is even giving my frisbees and stuff to people! He doesn't like to dress up, and he will have to the majority of the time there, but I think he will have a great time. There's nothing like meeting successful people in the company and learning from them! We have to leave at 6:14 a.m., but the hotel had no rooms left for the night before, and I want to catch the workshops on Thursday, so we're heading out early! I will miss one or two, but any other flight would have gotten me to Dallas after all the workshops. We are parking my car in the airport garage. Hopefully, I'll get some calls from the advertising on the back!

June also marks the beginning of another school vacation. This is my first summer working at home. I really look forward to going to parks and beaches with my daughter, having fun and of course, leaving literature or frisbees behind! I may even switch from my jammies to my bathing suit. Or at least a pair of shorts! I also love working outside on my porch or in the yard, and with my laptop and wireless Internet, I'm good to go!

Yesterday, I had to go to my mom's house. Normally, my mom comes here because I have a bigger house and usually there's someone else from the family here, so we can all see each other if she comes here. Of course, there are times I go to church with her, or I'll go there and we'll go hot-tubbing! Anyway, I haven't really put much info around her area. I went to about 6 new laundermats and several gas stations, tractor supply company stores, Country Max, anywhere I thought may have a bulletin board. I anticipate some calls today from that effort.

We had to cancel Girl Scouts today. The school is using the room we normally use for a drama club meeting. They couldn't seem to find another room to stick us into. Oh well, I always seem to get a business call while at scouts. Today I'll be there to answer it!

I am going to be approaching a company about the health benefits we offer. I found out last night that the boss had to cancel the insurance, he can no longer afford it. That seems to be happening a lot these days- the middle class is being left behind. That's where we step in. We can give them benefits at a very low cost. If I can pick up that company, that will be about 6-7 new members. And possibly quite a few referrals!

I just love working for myself ! Every morning, I jump out of bed at around 6 a.m.- even without an alarm. This is everyday, weekends, school vacations. I just can't sleep, I want to get going and talk to people!
And, I must go now and wake the kiddo up for school, then get to returning phone calls and growing my business!