People are soooo funny!

Friday night, some friends we haven't seen in about 6 mos. stop by. I told my daughter to get them a frisbee. The one said he wishes he knew about these dental benefits sooner-he just had an abcessed tooth and spent hundreds of dollars on dental work. After we had been talking a while, I happened to remember something. Last time we were at their house, I gave them a magnet that was about the benefits, with my phone number and website. I asked him, "didn't I give you a magnet before?" He looks dumbfounded for a sec, then says, " I think you did. It's on the side of the fridge-I forgot all about it! You can tell he doesn't wipe off the fridge much. Ha-ha! Anyway, the GF is supposed to call me tonight to sign him up for benefits!

Yesterday, we went to a friends so Ron could help with the guys truck. I of course gave them a frisbee for their dog! :) After that we went to a garage sale and picked up some toys for "Little Man", our Grandson. He is a few days shy of 7 months and just a cutie. We really didn't have any interesting toys, and we were babysitting last night. After Little man got there, we took him to a couple of Ron's friends from his hometown that we hang with. They never saw the baby. The baby slept through the first visit, but was up and kicking after!

Now that I work at home we can get the baby during the day and go to the park or bike riding (have to get a baby seat.)

Tomorrow, Ron goes on nights for a few weeks. That means getting used to a whole new routine. Once we get used to that, he'll go back on days. I made up a quote about that years ago "Life is just one big routine. Just as you get used to it, it changes!"

Anyway, I have to go run some ads!