Are you socializing too much?

Do you sometimes find yourself socializing too much? I don't mean going to the movies or hanging out at the bar with your buddies. I mean online socializing.

Social networking sites are great places to meet friends and even to network for your business . I have profiles on myspace and , as well as on different parenting sites like Cafe Mom and ParentsTalk.
These are just a FEW sites where I have a profile and advertisements.
There are literally 1,000's of sites out there, and if you are in a home business you can use these as a great marketing tool. You can make your profile as personal or "business-like" as you wish. You can request that members of the site you are on become your "friends". Members can also request that you become their friend. You can reach literally thousands of potential customers through one networking site.
But how much is too much? There is a woman that works at my company that literally built her business by posting on social networking and parenting discussion boards. I have tried this technique with only moderate success.
It tend to get distracted and forget to keep up with these sites. Posting often and requesting friend's is part of the game. I guess I'm not a very good friend! When I happen to be in a friendly mood, I try to hit all the sites and make good for my negligence. But, time get's away from you pretty quick when you start socializing.
I spent 1/2 the morning today trying to play "catch up" with some of networking sites that I have profiles on. Add to that the hour or so of advertising, and I find it's now 2 p.m. and I haven't dialed the phone. I have a couple of appt's later in the afternoon, so I guess playtime is almost over!
But it's nice to know that you can actually get paid to play! What boss would let you sit there and socialize all day? Only yourself............................
So who wants to play in 2009?
If you are looking for something to do from home, contact me. I will send you information by email.
Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director
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