FINALLY, I'm keepin' up with the times!

This morning I was (as usual) working at home in my jammies . I was sitting at the kitchen table, working on my 2 social networking sites AND a website I am creating. Ron, my wonderful significant other, was watching the news. Suddenly , I heard them say the words "Social Networking." My ears perked up. I LOVE social networking !

FINALLY, for the first time ever, I was keepin' up with the times. And I am proud of it! Normally, I'm a few years or so behind everyone else. But I am actually doing something BEFORE a lot of people.

Of course social networking has been around for a while. Previously users were limited to sites such as myspace and facebook. But social networking has changed over the years.

Now, every day people like you and me can set up a group about anything & talk to people from all over the globe. And social netwroking isn't only for friends....

The story, on News 10 Now , talked about the benefits of social networking in every day business. It's an effective way to communicate information to a large number of people at once. And it's so fun!

It's also VERY easy to set up a network, and it's free.

It is so easy in fact, that today I set up a group for my Girl Scout Troop. About 10 minutes before I had to leave for my meeting to be exact !

When you set up a group, you can make it private or public. Public can obviously be seen by everyone- good for business. But private is great for families, schools, groups, and troops . Only the specific people invited can join the group. Perfect for scouts. I LOVE social networking !

Why did I decide to try an online group for Girl Scouts? When you consider I spend a good amount of my time online, it only makes sense to click over to our group when I get new info that needs to be shared. I also have a bad habit of writing on the backs of envelopes and odd pieces of paper. We all knows what happens to those! The note thief comes lurking in the night, pocketing all those little scraps of paper. They are forever gone.

And to be perfectly honest, as much as I love my girls they are...well... a little forgetful. I doubt if all of those notes I painstakingly type out and print even make it into the hands of their parents. So, now we will all be on the same page. We have a place to put important events, links to cool things for the girls, and each girl will have a profile page.
The girls were tickled pink when I told them about it. So far, all but one parent signed the permission slip for their daughter to go to the group online. The other girl was out sick, but I know her mom will let her. So, it's full force ahead...........................

I think FINALLY, Miss Carolee may be considered "cool."

Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director
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Military Momz said...

I love social networking also. I have made so many wonderful new friends and business associates.