Getting back in "Work at Home" groove

Santa has packed his bags and is headed for warmer weather. His long journey is over, his job is done. Now it's vacation time! For those who work from home, particularly network marketing, January is not a month for vacations-it is one of the busiest months of the year. There is always a new flood of people to talk to. Everyone wants to start a home based business in January.

But January is also one of the hardest months to just sit down and focus. All that Christmas stuff has to be taken down and put away. The living room has to be put back in order. The kids bedrooms have to be rearranged to accommodate a barrage of new toys and games.

Many of us are also catching up on doctors visits that we may have been too busy to make during the holidays. Catching up on paperwork that has been neglected due to all the shopping and festivities. And then there are those who are going to the gym every day, trying to fulfill that resolution to "lose just 20 pounds"!

So when do you find time to work? Sometimes I only have 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there to work my business. Here are 10 things that I have found you can do in 5 minutes to help move your business forward.

1. Place an ad or two on the internet. With the Copy & Paste feature, placing multiple ads only takes minutes.

2. Return a phone call- most only take a few minutes.

3. Write out postcards or write a short note to a customer or business partner.

4. Answer a few emails

5. Do any printing you may have- while things are printing, do other things.

6. Go on a social networking site and "socialize".

7. Read a page or 2 of a good " self- help" book.

8. Straighten up your desk.

9. Leave a paper trail- it only takes a minute to tack a flyer on a bulletin board, or to leave a card in a shopping cart.

10. Meet someone new- network! You can do it anywhere! Grocery store lines, doctors offices, sporting events, etc...

When you start looking for little snippets of time in your workday, you will find there is plenty available to work your home business. Those little snippets eventually turn into big bucks!


Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director
yahoo instant messenger ID: carolee_sperry

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