How's the weather in New York?

This is a question I am often asked. I may work from home, but I am talking to people from all over the United States. And what better ice breaker is there than to talk about the weather? But of course, if you're like me, this question will literally stump you!

Don't get me wrong, I DO get out! We have goats and chicken's, so I get out at least twice a day to feed them. Throw in a trip to the mailbox - heck - I get out!

But what about those times when I am holed up in my home office answering emails, posting ads on the Internet, and "socializing" on all the forums I am a member on? When feeding the animals earlier it had been sunny, a balmy 38 degrees, with no wind at all. The weather was great when I closed the door to my sanctuary.

Fast forward an hour or so. Like I said, I'm doing my online stuff, in my own little world. I have someone I need to call in Florida. I hop on the phone and give them a call. I let them know who I am , that I am returning their call and ask how can I help them. We pass a few "how are you's" , etc.... and then they ask the question...... " Where are you calling from?' When I tell them New York, they always ask about the weather. ( The weather........ahhh, who knows?) .....

..... hurry, run to the window, look at the sky. What where did the sky go- all I can see is snow! Check the thermostat! 23 degrees? When did that happen? Woah- look at car! Where the heck did the truck go?

........" Oh, it's snowing like a son of a gun!" I say. "Must have about 6-8 inches . The temperatures' only 23!"

They are amazed! Some people I speak to have never seen snow! If they only knew.....

I tell them, "That ain't nothin', honey. A few years ago, a town a few miles north of us got 10 FEET of snow in a few days- we only got 3 feet!"

Have you ever heard that old saying If you don't like the weather in Central New York wait 5 minutes? It's true, too. We can have a raging snowstorm that will literally shut down schools across the region. A few hours later the sun is out, and the wind has died down. The picture perfect scenery with it's sparkling new- fallen snow belies the fact that you could only see 2 feet in front of you an hour ago. And it can go the other way. Great weather can turn nasty pretty quickly around these parts.

So if you happen to call me and ask about the weather...........and I seem's not that I don't get out much, or that I have been on the computer for hours...(REALLY! I MEAN IT). It just means I haven't looked out my window in an hour or so!

Welcome to the wonderful world of working from home. No longer do I care about the weather! Just give me my computer and leave me alone!

Carolee Sperry
Regional Sales Director
yahoo instant messenger ID: carolee_sperry
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