Are you raising a young entrepreneur?

When you work at home running a home business, inevitably a little "entrepreneurial dust" is going to fall onto the heads of the children in your household. They see the effort and dedication that goes into being your own boss. If you live in my household you've been subjected to training CD's, training calls and listening to mommy's prospecting calls. Dani Johnson, Ellie Drake and Jeffrey Combs are names my kids may recognize.

Until I got my bluetooth, I would dial into my training calls on my cell phone, turn on the speaker and clean up around the kitchen while I listened in. We have a big common room (combination l'room, dining, kitchen)- all open. So while I was bee-bopping around listening to calls, so did my kids. Forget hearing the TV! Guess who got me the bluetooth? My son.

My daughter, on the other hand is different. Case in point: I got some of Dani Johnson's CD's. I listened to them over and over. Every time I started the car, I was listening to Dani. For those of you who haven't listened to Dani, she's great! She's a tad bit more aggressive than me, which is a good thing. I need a little more of a backbone sometimes! Anyway, I really don't remember the exact situation- I know my 11 yr. old daughter & I were in the car. I said something (wish I could remember what...) and my daughter comes back with, "Remember what Dani says, mom." I'm like, "Dani who?" She looks at me with big wide eyes, " Der (I HATE that word!), Dani Johnson......." Wow, didn't even know she paid attention!

I should have known. The girl is like a sponge. She loves going on road calls with her Diesel Mechanic step-dad, she has helped birth and raise a baby goat, given shots to a sick goat, and more. Anything that is not exactly "normal" by most peoples standards for a young girl. School ? Place to socialize! What does she want to be when she grows up? A truck driver (like her bio-dad) AND a diesel mechanic (like step-dad).

But I see a certain entrepreneurial spirit in her that may lead to home business one day. She is always thinking of different uses for things, and is often found saying, "wouldn't it be cool if..." She is always trying to start a "club" with the G.F.'s She will try making things either for her friend's or to sell. Yikes, she sounds an awful lot like me. In high school, my friend's and I made chokers using "pick-up stix" as knitting needles. We sold the chokers in school for $1.00 each. Gave us all the money a teen needed. Is my daughter following in my footsteps? Check this out:

The other day, an acquaintance had contacted me about possibly starting a home business with AmeriPlan. We'll call the acquaintance "Mo". When I told my daughter that Mo was contemplating starting a biz, she snorted and said, "Yeah right! I DO NOT see Mo having what it takes!" That surprised me that she noticed or even cared!

I did ask my daughter why she thought as she did. She had a bit to say, which I won't put here just in case Mo does start a home biz & read this. Secretly, I had to agree with her- I doubt Mo will even start a biz, much less do what needs to be done to be successful. But, I will give him a chance if he wants, sometimes the ones you least suspect step up to the plate and get the job done!

Anyway, as I was getting ready to write this a strange thing happened.........Didn't I check my Girl Scout email quick-like and they had a flyer to print for the girls called, "Future Millionaires [of area]" It's all about how to set goals and achieve them, the real story about debt,how to buy your 1st car, etc.....If the girls finish the required work for the workshop, they will get a free copy of The ABC's of Making Money" by Dr. Denis Cauvier.

It will be interesting to see if my daughter wants to go to that. I hope so, maybe I will learn something myself!

The burning question is, will my daughter ultimately one day decide on the entrepreneurial route? Or will she be a "mobile mechanic" - driving her big rig full of tools up and down the highways and byways, rescuing stranded truck drivers ? Is she a future leader of tomorrow? Take a look and see what you think.............

Future leader of tomorrow!


reener said...

That's wonderful that she's "taking in" the cd's!

Mine have taken in Craigslist. They see me selling on Bonanzle, and occasionally Craigslist. They now have stuff they want to sell. So I show them the ropes.

I think it's great. Gives them self esteem and confidence.

Kudos to you! Your daughter has a great teacher! And it's a great bonding tool!

Military Momz said...

What a great post! I can see your daughter being a huge success at whatever she chooses to do!!!

Carolee said...

Check out "Are you raising a young entrepreneur, continued"....On my March 7th post!