Working at home and the disabled

One of the things I have noticed since starting my home business 2 years ago, is the number of disabled persons that want to better their lives, but are not allowed to. By not allowed I mean this:

If I understand what I am hearing correctly, many disable persons will not start a home business because a home business has potential for producing a good income. Good income= loss of health care. With the cost of some prescriptions costing $100's or even thousands of dollars (sometimes per dose!) they cannot afford to lose the help they get with these costs. Not to mention doctor's visits, hospital stays, etc.... Even the lure of a free dental plan ( and reduced cost health plans).

Are you in this position? Do you wish you could make an income from home, but can't? I want to understand this and write a continuation of this once I get some concrete facts. If you are disabled and would like to shed some light on this, contact me. You can either give me some info and be kept anonymous, be a guest blogger here, or I can interview you for the piece. You can email me at :


Military Momz said...

It is so sad that there are those who really want to do better for themselves, but circumstances wont allow for it. I know my mom is disabled and her medications, well, let's just say she has one of those lunchbox like bags full of medicines she has to take on a daily basis.

Pamela said...

I am disabled and know all about this and the worries, feel free to contact me