I think the Lord spoke to me yesterday!

My mom is in town for a week or so. Since I work at home, I have the time freedom to go to lunch & such when I want. We went to lunch last week, then shopped a little. Mom asked me if I wanted to go to church Sunday. I told her I would and I'd see her Sunday.

Saturday night, she called to remind me and see if my daughter & I were still coming to church the next day. I'll admit I told her I wasn't sure. I had changed my bedroom around Saturday, went through & threw out a bunch of junk. Then , my son & I went out & started shoveling goat poop in the boy's goathouse & yard. I was tired and church was the last thing on my mind.

Sunday I woke up, started doing my ads, contemplating whether to go to church or not. I checked in on my friends on twitter. A guy I'm following, Seedspreader had left this message the night b-4:

Poking the fire, checking the doors, getting ready to settle into bed. Have a good night everyone... go to church tomorrow!

So, I went to church!

What was the title of the service?

Lord, you give the Great Commission.

Ok, it may not mean commisssion as in money, but again I felt it was sort of a "sign" of great things to come.

Anyway, we went for coffe and cake downstairs, then went to brunch.

Got home and a friend stopped over for an hour or two.

All together, a good day of fellowship!