Ya can't be the Queen of every haypile, honey!

There are many, many people looking to make an income from home these days. They join this, they join that. They quit this, they quit that. They juggle multiple home businesses and then wonder why none of them are moving forward. In my honest opinion, some of them are cheating themselves out of success.

This thought occured to me the other morning when I was feeding the goats. We have a pygmy goat, Aggie. She has always tries to have it all. When we feed the grain, we put some in the trough of the hay feeder Ron made. We put a little more in a plastic feeding dish. Aggie runs back & forth, back & forth trying to get all the food in both places!

The other day, it was pretty nice out. I decided to throw a hunk of hay out in the yard for the girls. Ron suggested two piles. Didn't Aggie run & lay in the firstpile of hay! When I put the other flake of hay out, she jumped up, went over & layed on that pile! Everytime one of the other (2) girls tried to eat from a pile, Aggie ran over. Sadly for Aggie, she usually ends up with close to nothing! I looked at Aggie and said, "You can't be the Queen of every haypile, Aggie!"

And isn't that how it is with people sometimes, too? How can people expect success when they are juggling 3 home businesses around? How do they even keep prospects, advertising, etc... straight? They can't become a "master" of any of them. Mastery of a profession takes time, dedication and hard work. If they are jumping "haypile to haypile" expecting to get it all, they may be in for a big disappointment. Like Aggie, they may get very little "food" for their business.

Which is way it is important to have a laser sharp focus on one opportunity only. Master it, teach it to others, and watch your business grow ! Anyway, that was my quick thought for the day!