It's my 2nd Anniversary with AmeriPlan

Why I love working at home with AmeriPlan!

Today is my 2nd anniversary working at home with AmeriPlan. I had tried several other business opportunities over the years, none of which seemed to pan out for me. But AmeriPlan's health benefits are a much needed service. No products, no cold calling. I love it!

Right away I saw something that the other companies I had tried didn’t have; Great team support and residual income.

The team I am on, The Prosperity Team (branch of the Freedom at Home Team) is awesome. They conduct weekly team calls and there is always a leader available if I need to speak with someone one on one.

When I started with AmeriPlan, I worked part-time at a village library. I loved my job at the library, but I had a burning desire to be here with my kids. After being in AmeriPlan for about 9 mos. I quit my job, wanting to do AmeriPlan full time.

Shortly after that, my 90 yr. Grandmother suffered a major heart attack. She resided in Pennsylvania, about 3 hours from me. My uncle, who is wheelchair bound resided there also. Gram was bedridden and needed care that my uncle was unable to provide. My sister (who lives in VA & can telecommute) , mom (retired) & I (home biz owner) took turns going to Pennsylvania to care for Gram.

I didn't have to ask my bosses permission, because I am my boss!

My uncle had dial up Internet ,which was acting up at the time. Between that and caring for Gram, I really wasn't working my biz. I did hang flyers around my Grandmother's town when I ran out to do errands. I barely worked for 3- 4 mos. I worked a day here, a day there, mostly when I went home.

Somehow in that time, I still promoted to Regional Sales Director.

Because I get paid on everyone I enroll every month, as long as they stay on the plan, I still collected a paycheck each month on business I had already done. Even when I didn't enroll anyone new that month.

Gram passed away March 31st. About a month or so later, I enrolled a couple of people from my Grandmothers town into a health plan ( from flyers posted previously!)

Recently, my daughter was having pain in her joints. I have had to take her to many, many doctor appointments in the past few months. She was eventually diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I did not have to ask a boss for time off, and again I got paid whether I had new enrollments or not.

I have tried many home business opportunities in the past. None of them paid me when I didn't work. And...

None of them promised me a 6-figure income in 2-4 years!

I personally know people on my team that have achieved that and more.

I plan on joining them

How About You?

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Carolee said...

Thanks. I feel that some home business owners mislead people into thinking that it is easy to start a home business, adjust to working for yourself & make $100,00their 1st month. Tell it like it is. It is hard work and takes a lot of time committment in the beginning. But later down the road, it is so worth it.

If you lie to them, they will only get frustrated and quit on their dreams.

Rebecca Willis said...

Wonderful blog you have here. You cover all of your information very well. I think it is great that you are honest and show it isn't a "great rich quick scheme" as others will know what it takes to get where you are.

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