Valentines Day

I'm so glad I work at home now. Otherwise, I would have been spending Saturday morning working at the library where I used to work. Great job, but not as great as being my own boss.

The day started out with my 11 yr. old daughter, 17 yr. old son & I making Valentine's cookies.

While that was going on...........

While the kids started cutting out the cookies, I decided to clean out the refigerator.

It's not like I set out to punish myself, but this particular recipe called for cooling the dough for ease in handling. There was barley room in the fridge to accomodate even the small bowl that I had the dough in. I guess time got away from me. Business, doctor appts., home, family and Girl Scouts all kept me from getting to that fridge (ok, I know, more excuses!)

Once the dough cooled, there was only thing to do - dig in and take care of the mess! I figured I had an hour or so until my grandson came over.

I started heaving out bowls of stuff that I can only describe as...........well, indescribable! Leftover mashed potatoes had an orange tinge to them, while the accompanying bowl of gravy sported some white fuzzy stuff. A clump of cheese had green splotches that resembled warts. I happened to remember reading somewhere that white fuzzy stuff and clumpy, lumpy green stuff is what pharmaceutical companies use to make pennicillin.

Thinking back to all those trips to the doctors with the kids for strep throat and earaches, a light bulb went off in my head! Hmmm....maybe I could keep the white matter and little green wart-like things. Maybe I could try my hand at homeopathic medicine. Anyone up for a little white and green lumpy & clumpy tea? Not sure where to begin with that little project, I pushed it aside for another day. I threw out the stuff. I'm sure I'll have more again one day!

I continued on with my duties. I unearthed a plate that yielded a piece of dried, cracked mystery meat. I was just ready to throw it in the garbage, when an idea struck. Having heard about dehydrated food (add water and presto-chango- it's instantly hydrated). I decided to experiment. My dog was to be the proverbial guinea pig. Supposedly, they won't eat bad food. I put the hunk of meat in a bowl, and proceeded to add water. I expected the meat to soak the water up like a dried out sponge, miracuously transforming into a juicy filet mignon. The water simply rolled off. I wrapped the whole mess in plastic wrap and threw it in the microwave. Several minutes later, it still resembled shoe leather. The dog turned his nose up at it, so I tossed it out!

I really needed to get to work! The kids were ready to bake their cookies and I was still cleaning! I reached my hand in and pulled out a pound of hamburg I had taken out of the freezer days ago to make hamburger helper. A wave of guilt rushed through me. I was so busy that day that even hamburger helper couldn't help me! (I know what you're thinking. "She not only doesn't make a homemade meal, she doesn't even make a prepared meal!") Oh, well............I'm sure the kids ate SOMETHING...they're still breathing.

Suddenly, we heard a rather loud truck in the driveway. David was here with the baby. They always seem to come 1/2 hr-45 minutes earlier than they say. How could I forget? Yikes! I grabbed a dish rag and quickly wiped out the now empty fridge. I looked around at the million of dishes on the counters from the fridge. And said, " Oh well.....maybe later." Grabbed the baby, kissed him and got right down to teaching him how to cut out cookies with the little bit of dough we had saved for him.

We baked up the cookies and planned on frosting them later........For once, they turned out perfect! Every cookie seemed to have the perfect thickness. They were cooked perfectly. We were planning on frosting them & writing cute sayings on them. We had hearts, lips, bells,etc... Thought we could write things like , "Kiss me" on the lips, "You can ring my bell" on the bells, etc... with frosting.

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned around here...........

Before we had a chance to decorate the cookies, the 17 yr. old, his G.F. and another couple came in. Had a few cookies. I had one.........yum, yum. Had another.........11yr. old had one or two. My oldest son had a couple

Grandpa came home from work, Grandma (me, of course) gave him a cup of coffee and recommended he get a cookie (non-frosted) b-4 they are gone. We went to bed with one (unfrosted) cookie left. I gave Ron his card & an empty cookie tin :)

In the end......

We had the babe until about 9 p.m. The dishes got done, the fridge was clean. We had no cookies for midnight snack, but it was a good day all and all.

Grandma Aggies Butter Cookie's

1 c. (2 sticks) butter
1 c. Sugar
1 egg
1 tbl. milk
1 tsp vanilla
2 3/4 flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
Cream butter; gradually adding sugar. Beat until light & fluffy.Beat in egg, milk & vanilla.
Combine dry ingredients. Gradually add to creamed mixture.
Cool for ease in handling.
Cut with floured cookie cutters.
Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.
Decorate as desired



Michelle said...

I'm just popping by to say thanks for the nice comment you left the other day.

Checked out all three of your blogs (boy you're a busy lady). They're all great.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Nithys said...

Moments with family, especially a large one, are always unpredictable but I think that's the fun part.
Thanks for the comment on my post. Every little bit of encouragement helps.:-)

Aunt Katz said...

I can't believe you posted that pictue of MY niece. At least you could find a nice to post along with it!!

Carolee said...

Ok, Aunt Katz (Sis!) What picture?

Maybe from another post?