Working from home- where do you spend your day?

Just because you work at home, does that mean you have to be stuffed into a home office 8 or more hours a day with the door closed? Doesn't being your own boss mean running your home business from anywhere?

Sometimes I love just holing up in my office, shutting the door and getting to work. Othertimes, the day to day walk down the hallway can feel going to the office. Like a J-O-B office. Yuk! I gotta have a change. Maybe it's too much aloneness. And then there are times, just because I CAN it's nice to get a change of scenery. That is one thing I love about being my own boss. I don't have to be confined, I can march to my own drummer.

For instance, since moving the old bunkbed out of my office and changing things around, it hasn't been working for me. It doesn't flow the way I like it to. It feels cramped and stuffy, not right. Not to mention, I get bored easily. I JUST KNOW Spring is around the corner. The office is feeling a bit claustrophobic.A sunny spring day will cause me to lust for the great outdoors,to listen to the birds as they sing in the trees and relish in the new flowers popping their little heads out of the dirt.

So last Spring I created an" outdoor office ". It's a great place to hang and play on the Internet - placing ads, answering emails. It is a little noisy with traffic now & then. Although we are somewhat "countrified", we do have a small family owned store a few miles away. Delivery trucks need to take our road to get there. Of course, you have your school buses and garbage trucks as well. So, depending on the time of day, I may or not sit out there and make phone calls.

Last summer I worked at the beach a couple of times. Not only did I make calls to my team to let them know I was working at the beach (you REALLY can work anywhere!), but also did some prospecting calls. I also left a paper trail (cards, flyers in bathrooms, handed to people, etc...).

With a laptop , wireless Internet, cordless phones & cell phones you can conduct business almost anywhere. The last month or so, I find myself working more and more at the kitchen table in the morning. It's bright and sunny, the coffee pot is right behind me, and since I am usually posting ads at that time I can catch up on the news on TV.

I can leave the computer out here all day and do some business, do some housework. A lot of houswork can be done while you're on the phone. Later as nighttime falls and the kids go to bed I find myself more and more bringing the computer to bed with me. I can sit up with pillows behind me and make any necessary calls, tweet my friend's, socialize ,do my blog, or listen to a training call, whatever. When I'm done, I put the computer on the shelf by the bed. In the morning, I get up, grab my best friend (computer) and back to the kitchen it goes.

I know what everyone's thinking, why not change the office back the way it was? Time, my friends, time.

Between working a biz, Girl Scouts, kids, Dr. and dentist visits (me & kids), a grandkid, yadda-yadda. Ok, I'm making excuses I'm sure.

But, hopping around from "office to office" works until THAT DAY arrives - you know THAT DAY.

A day that has just a few more hours, no problems, no appointments......ya know, the 12th of never.

So until then, if you can't find me, check the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (not really) the park, the zoo, the doctors.........who know's where I might be found! If you really need to fnd me, call or tweet! Later!


reener said...

Selling on Bonanzle let's me stay home and I love it. Like you, I can tweet, surf, email, and still keep the house clean, and do errands.

Carolee said...

To think I resisted getting a computer for years! Now I'm on it all the time :)

Military Momz said...

I can me working on the beach! LOL I love the beach. I also know what you mean. I get lonely for the old "adult" workforce sometimes, but NEVER enough to go back to it! I like my "home" office. Hope you have a great Valentines's Day!

Cindy Shepard said...

I love the outdoor office next project!!!

Carolee said...

Yes, being outside in the sunshine makes working at home "Twice as Nice!"