Are you raising a young entrepreneur, continued...

Ok, back on my February 26th post, I asked the burning question " Are you raising a young entrepreneur ? " For all those folks who work at home, I can almost guarantee there is a good possibility of it. And it even stretches across generations........check this out!

Yesterday, Little Man stopped over. Dad had some errands to run, so I was the lucky recipient of an adorable little tyke who always keeps us in stitches! For those of you who are new readers, Little Man is our 16 mo. old grandson. He LOVES coming to Grandma & Grandpa's. So much in fact, he called me the other day. My phone rings and I see on the caller ID that it's David, my stepson. I answer and all I here is Little Man screaming and David saying, "Give me the phone." Little Man is shreeeeeching! All he wants is to talk to grandma! I mean geez, doesn't dad know anything?

So back to my story. David drops little man off. My laptop was on the kitchen table - I was using the office chair at the table. Little man runs over to the closet where we keep his toys, grabs his toy laptop and sets it on the table next to mine. He grabs the office chair, hops onto it, and gets to work! The funny thing is, he even remembered to wear his work uniform, Jammies! Check it out!

Not only is Little Man jumping on the bandwagon, but the other day, my 11 yr.old daughter said she can't wait to be 18. I said, "Why, so you can do whatever you want?" Her answer:

"No, so I can start my own business!"

BTW, we are going to the Future Millionaire's class that the Girl Scouts is holding tomorrow. I can't wait to see what I learn!

Anyway, must go and be a good example to the young entrepreneurs & build my business!

Later, friends!