WOW! Now more people can work at home!

Wow, AmeriPlan just came out with a new e-kit! It is totally FREE! New brokers can download the kit and print out brochures and other item's they want. This is going to be a blessing to people who didn't have the $45.00 fee for the kit. Now, they can start their home business .

For those who may not know about AmeriPlan, here is some info:

AmeriPlan is a 16 yr old health benefits company that helps people save money on their healthcare costs. We offer affordable dental and health plans.

To see the plans available, to check for providers in your area, or to self-enroll into a plan, go to:

AmeriPlan also provides a unique home business opportunity. There are no products involved, just our much needed services. With the state of the economy, there will always be people looking for health care.

We receive:
Daily pay
Residual pay - get paid month after month, year after year on work you did today.
Benefits for your entire household
Flexible Hours- you're the boss!
Free training via the Internet and teleconferencing

How to start your home based business with AmeriPlan

There are two different kits available- choose the one that's best for you!

Free marketing kit - downloadable & ready to print.
Cost to start your biz: $50.00 brokers administration fee

$45.00 marketing kit (mailed to your door)- you get brochures, CD's, DVD's and other marketing goodies. You will also receive (2) $25.00 sales aids certificates so you can go buy more brochures, CD's, or whatever you want. You get 5 e-commerce websites as well.

The cost to get your marketing kit, websites and $50.00 brokers administration fee is $95.00.

We have a $50.00 brokers fee each month- this helps cover the cost of maintaining your websites and for the use of your "customer service" department.

You see, once we enroll members into a plan, AmeriPlan takes over from there. They send out the member cards and provider booklets. When members have a question about the plans or about providers, they call customer services 800#, not you. Your job is done.

I love working at home with AmeriPlan. As long as I have a telephone and Internet, I can work from anywhere!

For more information, go to:

To request an interview or to start today, go to :

www. freedomathometeam. com/sperry
Check out my AmeriPlan story here!

Start making money at home at home NOW!


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