Happy Easter, you're forgiven!

Easter is a time of forgiveness. Our Lord Jesus Christ hung on the cross so we could be forgiven for our sins. I was thinking about that this morning, and then it got me to thinking about all those I have had to forgive over the years. Because if you don't forgive, you would surely go crazy!

So, we'll start with my family:

I forgive you Mom & Dad for that weird mixture of his DNA & her DNA that has blessed me with hair that sticks up in the front, with the rest doing whatever it wants. It has turned a lovely gray like Dad's. Hopefully, I won't also inherit his hair loss!

I also forgive my parents for any mistakes they may have made. I know, I know - those of you who know me & love me cannot believe that my parents were anything but perfect. I mean hey...

Ok, so on to my sista...I forgive you for all those times you beat me up. And the time you threw all my clothes on me when I was sleeping, or the time you dunked my hand in warm water when I was sleeping....really, I forgive ya, sis! Really....Psyche!

And for my past boyfriends- (most of whom I had to break up with) I forgive you for your faults and downfalls. You just weren't my style.

And for my husband who left me: Forgiven - if it weren't for you leaving, I wouldn't be where I am now & have what I have now.

To my kids, who have at times have done the exact opposite of what they've been taught. Forgiven

For the times they have uttered words under their breath (I have super-hearing) had thoughts that they wouldn't dare say (I have ESP) and rolled their eye-balls at me (I have eyes in the back of my head), you're forgiven.

And poor Ronald... you are forgiven for not always reading my mind. ....and for your selective hearing!

And for those I grew up with:

For those bullies who threatened to beat me up (you 3 sisters-you know who you are) Forgiven

For my "friend" who stole my bike- Forgiven

For my "friend" ( a different one) I found making out with my 1st serious boyfriend- forgiven- he is , too!

And on to business:

To those who waste my time by answering my ads and providing bogus info- forgiven

For those who request an interview, and then are not available at the time scheduled- forgiven

For those who act excited about my opportunity, saying they will "start on Friday" and don't - forgiven - and I didn't believe you anyway, thank-you!

For those who started their home business under me and quit before even giving it a shot- I forgive you... Can you forgive yourself?

For those who reply to my work at home ad with THEIR work at home ad- I forgive you - even if I do delete you!

For those who answer my ad wondering how I'm doing in my business - Forgiven - When all is said & done, you only want me to go with your biz! Deleted!

These are just a few things I have had to forgive in my lifetime. If you have ever slighted, bullied, beaten, teased, or cheated on me- forgiven! Stolen from me, back-stabbed me, fired me, quit on me- forgiven!

And so, that was my thought for the day!

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Rebecca Anne said...

Is it bad to say I see some humor within your forgiven post? Sista's aside, as I read through this, I saw a lot where a negative went to a positive.
People are people and someday I wish to figure them out. Sorry about all the people who do waste your time within the business arena. Thats an obstacle I battle daily.
I hope you had a beautiful Easter and you found a few golden eggs of great memories.

Military Momz said...

Great post! I had older brothers who would always frog me in my arms, LOL.

Wouldnt it be so nice if people could just say this isnt for me, or not now instead of leading us on?

Nithya said...

Everyone's different and we all have our quirks. I guess even if some of the people we know get on our annoying side, we need to let it go and view them with love. Sometimes that clears up our vision and the things they do, while still annoying, becomes a little bearable.

KrustyTheCat said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!