Whole lotta fun Wednesday!

I 've been going through my round of blogs for The Ultimate Blog Party and my new blog, Bloggers Connect and have run into some cool things going on out there. One of the blogs Crafts For Kids, is doing something that sounds like fun. So instead of rambling on today about my home business, or the kids, or life I thought I would tell everyone about this & see if anyone else wants to do this.

Here is the fine print:

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me!

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully:

* I make no guarantees that you will like what I make but I will do my best.
* it will be done in the next couple months
* you have no clue what it’s going to be - that’s the fun part!

It could be artwork, handmade stationary personalized for you, baked goods from my kitchen, or something crocheted or knitted. What will it be? You’ll have to wait and see!

I reserve the right to do something completely bizarre or completely normal.

Here’s the (really) fine print:

In return, all you need to do is post this text into a note of your own and make 5 things for 5 others. What could be more fun! Some ideas you could do for others: artwork, CD’s, burn a DVD, write a poem, crochet a scarf, make a mini book, send a photograph (a printed one, not e-mailed. etc…).

If you are interested, leave a comment below with your email address (if you don’t have a blog-based email address and are not comfortable leaving your personal email address, you can also email me at home4ever@hotmail.com

Craft on and craft it forward! and let's have some fun!

And now, I had better feed the goats, get to my doctor appt, put out flyers and just generally get my butt to work !


Mike said...

Looks like a fun idea.


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Carolee said...

Does this mean you're in on the game?

bernthis said...

I cannot craft bake or make anything. I am going to pass on this but I wanted to say hi anyway. Hope you're having a great day