Grocery Store Madness!!!

I just ran across this poem I had written back in 2004. I believe I was working at the library part-time and working at home part-time doing freelance writing. Our local paper was having a contest for WhoRemembersWhat. You had to write a poem in 400 words or less about shopping, food, feeding the family and stretching your budget.

I didn't win....

....But , I still think it's pretty good- not to toot my own horn you understand!

Anywhoo, here goes

Oh no, Oh no, it's time to go

There is no time to spare

The kiddies want to eat right now

The cupboards almost bare

Gather the coupons, head to the store

We need cereal, milk and so much more

Grab a cart; a wheel spins the wrong way

At the rate I'm going, it will take me all day

I finally make it to the produce aisle

Where the fruit is bruised and the veggies look vile

Off to the snacks- the chip bags look skimpy

The boxes of crackers look small and whimpy

We need some meat for the evening meal

I check out the pork, the beef and the veal

The pork is fatty, the steak costs too much

I guess it will be Hamburger Helper with the "mommy touch"

I rush to get milk- my nerves are fried

I look around, mystified!

Cows milk, and soy milk and rice milk, too

There are too many choices, what shall I do?

I grab one of each- I really don't care

I just want to get the heck out of here!

The lady up front takes all my money

She gives a big smirk saying, "Thank ya, honey!"

Finally I'm free from the grocery store

I drive away, done with my chore

I get home and start unloading the car

The kids knock me over for an ice cream bar

They will no longer hunger nor will they fade away

Momma's brought home the goodies- they're happy for the day.

The End!

end note: And now, I work at home full time, and I STILL hate to grocery shop!


The Mad White Woman said...

I love it Carolee! It's a great poem!

Amy said...

great poem

Shreejana Hickman said...

...exactly how I feel, very funny..

bernthis said...

I'm sorry, you didn't win why exactly?

Baba said...

Adorable Poem! Thanks so much for stopping in at Babasfarmlife and commenting. I know walking will really strengthen my legs. I'm not really trying to lose weight though I am skinny enough. But it's for a great cause.

Mike said...

Should be a winner.


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