Wordless Wednesday? Sorry, I just couldn't shut up!

I know I have been fooling around with wordless Wednesday the last few weeks, but today I just had to share! Most of you know I work at home with AmeriPlan selling affordable dental and health plans. I am always sharing why I think they are a great company. Well, here's another reason why:

I can win an all expenses paid trip to sunny Las Vegas! Sure could use the sun now :-)

Usually, only so many people can win these trips (usually 2 trips/yr.)- say the top 50 producers, or the top 100. This time, anyone is eligible- they just need to get 1,250 points. I'm not sure yet how many points each enrollment is, but hey, I'm going for it!

And....in April, the points are doubled!!!!! Yeee-haw!

So dear friend's, I know I'm being "businessey" today, but if you know anyone looking to work at home, send them here and if you know anyone that is in need of affordable benefits, please send them here .
Tell them to mention your name & web address or email so I can thank-you and I will return the favor to you somehow (advertising on my webpage, refer someone or something)

Thanks guys!

And for being such great friend's, here's a little treat! Ummm...can you tell I just figured out the whole video thing?

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Lorie said...

Good luck winning your trip to Vegas!

Carolee said...

Why thank you, ma'am!

Lynne Campbell said...

Love your blog...thanks for visiting me and commenting on Sandie's Guest Post...
Hope to see you again..

God Bless,