Hopping on the Homeschool Express!

Today was my daughters official last day of "Institutional-type" school- at least for now. We will see how she does with a summer full of schoolwork.

We have technically already started. The other day, we ran into ANOTHER person I have been wanting to see. A girl that volunteers at the library where I used to work. She is volunteering through Girl Scouts, and she is homeschooled. We stopped by the library and she happened to be there. She is 16 and has always been homeschooled.

She spoke quite extensivally about homeschooling styles, curriculum and the homeschool co-op where you can take classes with other homeschoolers. She talked to my daughter about homeschooling and the responsibilities associated with it.

Yesterday, we purchased some books to use until I figure out what we will really be doing. Ironically, my daughter wanted workbooks. We got two for math, one for English and one on Rocks & minerals since that is what she wants to study for science right now.

I also grabbed the Farmers Almanac. I figure it's packed with great tips and advice, and we can compare the "actual" weather compared to what they predicted. Then, my eyes hit " Wacky Facts and Fun Activities. The Old Farmers Almanac for kids." I HAD to get it! What a wealth of info and cool stuff!

I also got a game called, "Let's go shopping". It is basically a game where you have to do Math problems- you have to answer the question correctly to proceed and go to store and "buy" stuff. I was surprised to learn my daughter, who is entering 7th grade, did not know what concept to use for this:

Two boys purchase a snowboard and goggles for a friend. How much is it costing each of them? My daughter knew to add the cost of the items, but then she asked, " What do I do next? I forgot."

This just reaffirms my reason for maybe embarking on the Homeschool Express!

I have been reading homeschooling books. As far as history and geography, etc... they suggest either starting with your home town and branching out to learning about the world, or vice-versa. We are starting with our town as there was actually a book published about the area. In an hour or so, we are venturing down to the cemetary where the town founder and his family are buried.

I also have a great teen bible I purchased for my daughter for her birthday. Although I have been lax about going to church in recent years, she enjoys going to teen night at church.

So later today I am going to have her write a piece about what she hopes to get out of homeschooling & I will do the same. Then, we will come up with a Mission Statement and discuss how we want to conduct our days.

I'm excited to see what my daughter writes.

Gotta go!



Gena said...

Sometimes I wonder what they are teaching our children or, better yet, what they're not teaching them.

I am torn on the homeschooling issue. My son went to public school. I do think it depends on the child. I also think that it should be started after they've been in public school. Children need to socialize and be around kids their age. Very important to their developments.

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Oh she's social, no doubt about that!

Alicia said...

Good luck with homeschooling. I always kinda wanted to homeschool my kiddos. And great idea with the Farmer's Almanac!