I ran away from home today!

Today I took my work on the road. I just couldn't work from home- I was having one of those mornings. Or rather, Ron was. Perhaps I should say he was having his monthly "Male PMS". He just woke up in a bad mood. He was a Mad Dad.

He started harping on the kids about the dirty dishes and the mess. I have to agree about their mess. But the dishes were dinner dishes, and there are many times when we are having water problems and if we want showers at night, we have to call a halt to all water usage.

My friend and her significant other bought the property next door the same time I bought this land. We came in with both offers to the seller the same day, so they were willing to give us a deal. Their well is like 60 feet- they have run out of water once in 10 years. My well is 165 ft deep and we run out of water- especially if it's raining! Figure that out!

Anyway, so Ron is in a bad mood. This is on top of my daughter ( not quite 12) challenging quite a bit about what the "boys" can do and /or used to do. Mind you, the boys are 18, 19 & 30!

We'll call my daughter Princess Der. princess because her brothers say SHE'S the one who get's away with everything, that she's my "Princess". The "Der" is her favorite word- like duh, but der!

So anyway, Princess Der says, "Well, you used to let the boys ride their bikes to the store when they were my age".

The store is 3 miles away and I doubt the boys rode there at 11 yrs old- although there may be something I don't know!

Then Princess Der brings up the big one...money!!!!!!!!!!!

"You give Golden Child money almost every day. I get nothing!"

I'll admit, Golden Child does get money from me a few days a week. But, he always does work for it first. Like yesterday, he wanted a couple of bucks to go get a soda and snack at the store. He shoveled goat poop and hay out of the boys goat yard for half an hour or so. It was so hot, he was dripping sweat. But he will work.

The she complains about the step-child, the 19 yr. old who recently moved in.

" All he does is watch TV and play video games, and Ron always gives HIM money" yells the Princess.

She wasn't exactly lying about that.

So she's got me on edge lately with her wanting to be 21 instead of 11. The house is a mess, I have ads to run, flyers to put out, people to call back, and meds to pick up. I usually do ads & email between 5:45 a.m.- 7:45 or so. Then I feed the goats, chickens & ducks. Then feed Ron & I breakfast- sometimes he cooks & I do more ads. Then, I do call backs.

I was planning on doing flyers after Ron left. He had to go to work around 10:30. After his tirade, I said to myself, "I'm outta here."

I had actually started getting bottles and cans ready the night before to return today ( In Ny you pay a deposit on bottles and cans.) I told Ron I had an appointment and had to go soon. I couldn't lie, so i finished loading the bottles and cans and told him I was returning them and putting flyers out.

So, I ran away. It sounds awful, but I just didn't feel like hanging with Ron until he left. Why be down when you can be up? I left, started driving around putting out flyers. I like doing flyers. I turn on the radio, or listen to an inspirational speaker on my MP3 player. I stopped at a few places that I had been meaning to check out to see if they had a bulletin board. Found several new places.

While I was driving around, I called my National Sales Director, Anita. We have a standing appointment every Wednesday to talk and brainstorm about business, etc...The last two or three weeks we have been unable to talk. Between my mom's eye doctor appt's and Anita's mom (whom she recently started caring for). So we had a very nice conversation and a few laughs. And I felt better.

...and I was ready to come home.

Ron came home from work tonight in a better mood...Male PMS OVER! Except he's falling asleep as I write this.

Yikes! I should go night-night.

Bye-thanks for listening to my ramblings :-)



Daisy said...

Gee.. MEN! They are so sweet and all when they woo you but once you live with them you see their real flesh! So as for me I am quite enjoying my singleness and a bf here and there. LOL

Passing by from June Comments challenge...


Stacie said...

LOL I had to chuckle I want to run away too when Earl gets into his Male PMS.... He gets cranky and crabby.

Carolee / Home4ever said...

You know, I (usually) love being with Ron, but I also loved it when I was alone. Weird, huh?

reener said...

I SO value my time ALONE during the week. My husband has every other Friday off from work. Ugh, I hate it!

I can relate to the kids! My 17yo is ALWAYS comparing to the 21yo. "You bought this for him" or "How come you do that for him?" OMG, it's endless. All you can do is roll your eyes! Different circumstances. They don't get it. Wait til their parents (geez, if they ever become parents, I can't see ANYONE ever marrying my boys-they'd kill them!)

Carolee / Home4ever said...

That's exactly it- totally different circumstances- and the gender thing.

It may be not be right in this day & age, but I am a little more protective with my daughter than the boys. She hasn't noticed- she's a tomboy all the way!

Native American Momma said...

My husband came home early, unexpectedly during toddler's nap time. Let's just say he didn't get to zone out on computer time or get free range of the kitchen as he was hoping. At least he made the best of it and took a nap. LOL