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Ok, I'm back- for a minute. As usual, it's 7:25 p.m. and we haven't eaten dinner yet. A quick post while it cooks:

Old Friends And New

Usually, I can go shopping or something and not see a single person I "know". I may recognize someone enough to nod or say , " Hi, how's it going?", but I rarely run into old school mates or anything.

Ron, on the other hand still sees alot of the old gang- many still live in the old neighborhood.

Lately, it seems whenever I think of someone, I see them or hear from them within a few days.


A month- month and a half ago, I get a phone call on my business line. It's a guy, he leaves a msg, and he's real duh-like, deep voice and talking real slow, "Uh, yeah, my name is Bob. I wanted to find out about your dental plan"

It was later in the day when I got the message, so I called him back the next morning. When a guy answers, I ask for "Bob" .

The guy is like, "Who?"

I repeat "Bob."

"No Bob here," he says.

I hesitate a minute, then ask if this is (insert phone number). The guy says it is.

"That's strange", I say. "Someone named Bob called from this number yesterday looking for a dental plan."

The guy laughs, "Oh yeah, I forgot I used a fake name!"

I'm like, "Do I know you?"

He says, "It's K.D."

Weird! I had just been driving through the town he used to live in (a day or so b-4) and thought, " I wonder if K.D. still lives here."

K.D. and I used to work together at a commercial bakery. K.D introduced me to the church that I attended for several years. We used to have alot of fun. Maybe someday soon I'll post my story about something that happened to me one night after a sermon we had both been at that Sunday morning. It was WEIRD!

Then, this past Monday, I run into an old co-worker at my mom's eye specialists that I have been meaning to email or call . We had a nice chat.

Tuesday I was putting out flyers and saw a woman go by in a truck that looked just like my son's x-G.F. that he brought here from Louisiana several years ago. I hear from her every year or so. I'll be darned if at 12:15 a.m. ( that's 15 minutes after midnight, folks!) this morning the phone rings. I thought Ron had a road call. Nope, It's P.T., my sons x-G.F. from Louisiana! I asked her to call back today- no hear from yet. She's been in California somewhere for a while now.

Ok, yesterday, I stopped by Wally World pretty early in the morning. Didn't I run into an x-B.F of mine that I was JUST talking about. Hr lives around here and I was just commenting that I never see him.

This x- B.F. was from when I was maybe a Junior in H.S. He had been out of school for a year or so. His mom lived in the apartment below my sisters. My sister worked nights at a factory and I babysat her son. I practically lived there! Those were some good times!

Until....he went out of state to work for the cable company. He came back, broke up with me, and started dating one of my best friends. I suspect it started before we broke up. As much as I had liked him, I totally forgave them both. I figured if he doesn't want me, why would I want him. They ended up getting married. It lasted around 20 years, then they split.

He really was and is a sweetie though. He was buying his girlfriend roses and a card for her birthday whan I saw him.

Later yesterday, don't I run into a woman that I was to call as soon as I got her number! I have been dabbling with the idea of homeschooling my daughter. Someone on the Internet suggested that if you're not sure, try it for the summer and see how it goes. So we thought we would do that.

This woman I wanted to call homeschools her kids. I met her when I worked at the library, and have been to her house in the past to give them a "mini-course" on how to use their new computer.

I have been trying to remember her last name so I could look her number up, and it just wasn't coming to me. So, she found me. We talked for about 1/2 hour in the middle of a store at the mall.

and then....the other day my mom asked if I've seen B.R. , the mother of still ANOTHER of my x-B.F.'s . She lives not far from Mom, but Mom hadn't seen her in years. I said no. Believe it or not, today while mom's at her regular eye doctor, I see her! I was outside calling prospects when out of the building I see B.R. (the daughter) and behind her B.R. (the mom). We were all so happy to see each other. This particular B.F. had 4 or 5 sisters, and the whole family was just so open and friendly, I loved going there. But, the relationship soured. I would see the sisters now & then at the Field Days my childhood town has every year. We would hang a little and catch up. But, I haven't gone there in a couple of years. So it was great seeing them.

...and least but not least-there have been at least three of the boys old friends that we have wondered about and they have just popped in the last week or so.

So, I have seen alot of old friend's, and's time to make new friends at the Virtual Girls Night Out!

So mix up a drink, pop open a beer or just grab a snack and start at Ann's place. Hope to see you there!

And for the grand give-away!!!!!

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Good Luck, everyone!



I am Harriet said...

Happy VGNO!

robin said...

Happy GNO! :)

blueviolet said...

Happy VGNO! You ran away too fast...

Anonymous said...

Happy GNO!! Off to Ann's site!!

Martha said...

Happy VGNO from a first time player :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy VGNO!

Kris said...

Hey girl!! Sounds like you've had some weird run-ins lately!! I'll go ahead and enter the contest whilst I'm at it! I'd like to enter my other blog so it can get some publicity...and by then I should have more posts...I'm hoping to help people and if I can get the word out that would be awesome!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Apparently it rained and poured in the mode of old friends and acquaintances... ;)

Happy VGNO! :)

Stacie said...

Wow you have ran into a lot of people. I moved away from home so I really don't see anyone unless we find each other on facebook. Which I have ran into friends from Grade School and High School.

I would love to enter the Advertising for my blog!

Happy VGNO!

Gena said...

So weird to have all those run ins. A lady I used to work with and I used to call that "talking it up". We would talk about a customer or something and sure enough, here they'd come.

Happy VGNO

I would love the advertising for my business.

Lola said...

Stopping by for VGNO! Hope you have a great weekend.

The Gonzo Mama said...

It's my first VGNO! I'm happy to have found your blog this way. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. - Recovering library worker? I play librarian occasionally. You know - when they absolutely can't find ANYONE else. :)

Sue said...

That's weird you ran into so many people you were thinking of.

I didn't find the name of that tree. I should find my tree book, haven't searched for it yet.

Happy (belated)

Gena said...

I'm back. I tagged you over at my blog in a fun little photo game, if you want to play: