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Tonight we went to the Golden Child's award ceremony at school. Golden child and his GF won several awards! I wasn't totally surprised. The last few conferences I have gone to, the teachers just rave about Golden Child. How he participates in class. How he always helps others. His humor. His very genius.

No, seriously though, this is a major accomplishment. All of my kids are smart, start out school ahead of the game, then fall behind. They just think it's boring, same stuff every year, yadda, yadda. My oldest got his GED. He was a bit of a troubled child, and it really all started with school.

Both Golden Child & my oldest failed 6th grade. My daughter, who was the 2nd smartest kid in kindergarten and had like a 4th grade reading level in 1st grade, may fail 6th grade this year. What are the chances of that?

Anyway, about 2 yrs ago the decision was made for Golden Child to go to the area alternative school. He's a great kid- adults (esp GF's mothers) love him, other kids like him , and the girls always have liked him. He just didn't like school.

Well, he didn't love the new school at first. Now, he LOVES it! He has to go next year for two gym classes and one academic class. He ALMOST graduated this year like he should have, but he'll do it next year.

He's got the drive- he's a hard worker. His first job was on a farm. He's going down there tomorrow about a tractor or haying job because there's not much work around here. So he knows hard work, and he's determined to graduate.

Anyway, the awards:

Consistent effort in U.S. History

Outstanding effort in Living Environment

Outstanding participation in Physical Education

Outstanding effort in Health

Outstanding Class Participation in English

I'm surprised he didn't get another one. He did two independent study business classes and he devoured the subject and completed them so fast it made the teachers head spin (that's momma's boy!)

Anyway, Golden Child has come a long way, baby!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

P.S. The GF got even more awards- she got one for maintaining an average of 85 or higher all year. I think I'm going to go get them a gift certificate for a local restaurant- they deserve it :-)


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jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

Hey "Mom" pat yourself on the back. A kid who is doing so well must be a reflection of a good job done at home. ;-)

Mandala Michelle said...

That is totally awesome. You are lucky to have an alternative for him and he is lucky to have a Mom that believes in him.

Mrs Cooper said...

Congratulations on the awards and Happy VGNO

Mary K Brennan said...

Congrats to your son for all the hard work, and congrats to you for all the behind the scenes things he won't thank you for until he's older. Great job!
Have a great VGNO!

Native American Momma said...

You know I was talking to my hubby about the 6th grade recently and how all the hormones flying around it is amazing the kids learn anything in middle school, besides how to stop the zits from forming and how to shave the sudden growth of hair.
He said yeah and "insert pretty girl from his grade" and that dang lollipop I can't believe I passed math.
Happy VGNO!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that's awesome! That's so great that you're behind him 110%.

I am Harriet said...

Wow! Eventful day!

Happy VGNO!

Yaya said...

Happy VGNO!
Thanks for stopping by!

pam said...

That is wonderful. You must be so proud, and he must feel good about himself:)

Lola said...


Smokin’ Molly stopping by for VGNO.

Have a great weekend.

Opus #6 said...

Great idea about the first aid. Happy VGNO.

Just_Aimee said...

Stopping by for VGNO! Enjoy your weekend.

Gladys said...

Good job mom. Now why don't kids ever smile in thier pictures anymore?

Susan Campbell Cross said...

Sounds like you have a very smart kid. I think sometimes the very smart ones do have trouble in school because, as you said, they get bored. And then the hormones don't help because they are more apt to act out or follow instincts/impulses (like just not doing the boring stuff and then getting bad grades). I am glad that "Golden Boy" is doing so well now--cute photo btw. Happy VGNO! Well Happy VGNO the moring after edition. I was torn between my computer and my son's birthday party and as a mom, you know which one won. :)

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Thanks for all the kind words, guys.

After all the stuff my oldest son & two step-sons put me through, it's like a breath of frsh air.

Let's hope he continues to be successful.

Kris said...

Wow--it just goes to show that a change in environment can change everything. Yes, I look really funny trying to make sure all the clocks have the same time....but it drives me UP THE WALL!! Thank you so much for stopping by for VGNO!

I am Harriet said...

Just stopping by to see how the comment challenge is going.
Happy commenting!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Oh, Harriet, you are so funny!

No seriously, I keep forgetting to keep track. By the time I remember, I've already done some comments. Oh, well!