Going home soon- excited but sad

Well, we leave for the airport in a few hours- won't get home until midnight or later. I really have mixed feelings about going home. While I miss the kids, grandson & my animals, I have met so many new friends.

Our time started Wednesday night with a trip to the corporate headquarters and a barbecue. Here's a pic of corporate- hard to beleive they started out in a small room with no door just a short 17 years ago. The building is BEAUTIFUL.

Unfortunately, I left the camera in the hotel, so this pic is off the Internet. I tried to resize it so you can get a better view, but it's getting distorted.

The barbecue- well...we were expecting someone cooking hot dogs and hamburgers and such on a grill. Nope- it was catered and (sorry Texas), if this is what a REAL Texas barbecue is, well... I can do better at home. It was pretty good, just not what we were expecting.

Actually, we had arrived around noon, so Ron & I had snuck off for lunch at our favorite place in the hotel vicinity, Bucks Ribs - they have "Bucking Good Burgers". They have such YUMMY and reasonably priced food. I had a half rack of ribs yesterday for lunch, and a rib-eye steak for supper. If you ever get to Dallas you NEED to check it out. It is on Stemmons Pkwy ( I think it's pkwy!)

Ok, so Thursday, the Freedom at home team had a special recognition ceremony just for our team. Thursday afternoon we had workshops. Great info!

Friday and Saturday we had awards ceremonies and motivational speaker Connie Podesta (great lady) , Sanford Botkin and Byran Dodge (this guy CRACKED ME UP!).

The great news....The FREEDOM AT HOME TEAM was the ONLY team to pop new $25,000 ; $50,000 AND $75,000 income earners (LIFETIME residual income) since last years convention! All of the Freedom at Home Team brokers were going crazy hooting and hollaring and carrying on.

The first day we all gathered together, Daniel and Dennis Bloom, the owners of AmeriPlan (twins) came out with a couple of other guys singing and dancing to the AmeriPlans version of "Soul Man" by the Blues Brothers. It went like "In AmeriPlan....) These people were doing all kinds of handstands, flips, getting on each others shoulders, etc.... They were all dressed like the Blues brothers- it was hilarious! You can always count on the Bloom brothers for a good time.

I will have to admit, if I wasn't a broker I would want to work with the AmeriPlan family at corporate (except it's in the TEXAS HEAT!). Everyone is truly like family, and they treat each and every broker they encounter like family, too. Many of the corporate staff even came to a surprise brithday party we had for one of out National Vice presidents! How cool is that.

Anyway, I have to get going- we need to check out soon. Then, we have 5 1/2 hours till we fly out. We'll do a little hotel shopping for stuff for the kids and Little Man (grandson) then go to the airport and hang. We may go back to Bucks Ribs- I've got a hankering for more!

Until later- bye!