Hopping all weeknd and ain't stopped yet!

Well, my sister from Virginia took off this morning for the waterpark and 3 fun-filled days of camping with her two grandaughters(one whom she is raising), her grandson and my daughter, Princess Der. Oh yeah, and my mom!

My sister is totally insane. The kids have all been together since Thursday and the littler ones, both 8 have been arguing quite a bit already. They both have a few "issues" to contend with.

Her grandson was born around 2 months early, and had a few issues. He had a cyst of some sort growing on his brain which had to be surgically removed. The doc lopped off 1/2 his brain! He is a super-smart dude, but has a few issues like impulse control, hyperactivity, and more. I believe they think he may have mild autism or aspergers. The medicine cocktail they curently have him on seems to make his impulse control worse (at least for his mouth!) he surprised my sister a few times with some comments!

The granddaughter has a few issues as well, probably due to lack of pre-natal care by the mother and a not so healthy lifestyle. She is now on a diet that is free of preservatives and is doing much better. But still, there were issues with the two.

But, they all made it to the camp. I 1/2 expected for them to come back!

Here are a few pics:

My nephew Nick is on the left sticking his tongue out, just like his (late) grandpa, my dad. We were looking through some photo albums my mom brought- my Dad always stuck his tongue out for pics!

My brother-in-law Ken is in the middle.

My honey, Ron is in the background.

That is my sissy's RV in the background, too!

My mom whipped my sisters butt at checkers- this was after my sister also lost a kids game while playing with her grandson!

Golden Child playing "Corn Hole."

We played quite a bit of that and "Redneck Horseshoes."

My sisters bird, Berto also joined us! Yesterday, my sister went to meet my mom for breakfast after church. Ron & I stayed here. I wanted to make a mac salad for dinner that night.

Ron & I were sitting outside of the camper when Berto started whistling the theme song to "Andy Griffith" and "Jingle Bells." I got up and went to the door and started whistling through it trying to get the bird to whistle. Ron was laughing so hard, he got me laughing and I couldn't whistle!

All of a sudden, I remembered the macaroni cooking! I ran in the house- there are the boys veging in front of the TV.

This is how I found the macaroni:

Obviously, I had to start over!

All in all, we had a great weekend.

Wednesday, Ron & I fly out to Dallas for the AmeriPlan Convention! I'm psyched! I spent ALL DAY looking for a black evening dress and shoes. I HATE shopping, but I was alone so it wasn't so bad. Found a dress I really like!

Then, had to go get my hair cut & frosted tonight. Almost ready to go!

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, I'll whip up a post from convention!

See everyone later!


JulieChats said...

Ahhh...camping! I'm taking the kids (8 & 18 mos) with my parents this summer. My husband has to work, so he'll miss out on the little guy's first trip, the sand eating, etc. Hope your people all make it home safely!

Stopping by late from VGNO!

TMWW said...

I miss camping! We used to have so much fun when my mom and dad would take us kids to Locust Lake State Park in Pennsylvania...good times!

Ha Ha about the macaroni! I've done that before too so don't feel bad tee hee!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

I swear I am Attention Deficit!