Child Safety Tip & other stuff

I got an email yesterday from an old co-worker. Use your cell phone or digital camera to snap photos of your children before every outing. Simply delete the previous photo and replace with a new one. You will always have a current photo of your child with their clothing.

Years ago I had a friend who I talked to every morning as soon as our kids got on the bus. One morning we got talking about child safety and she asked if I knew what my son wore to school that day. I had to really think hard before I remembered, and he had just left! Imagine if he had failed to return home from school. I probably would have forgotten those important details by that time. Not that I'm saying to take a pic of your kid before school everyday, but at least note what they are wearing. You would be surprised how quickly you forget things like that. At least I do!

On to other updates, news and views....

The Princess is still doing well with the piano lessons. She had her second lesson and the teacher just raved about her! She practices everyday and has even written some songs! Her keyboard has a recorder that records the music, but you can't record your voice. She's not happy about that!

Golden Child got his liscense yesterday! Now he's my "Gopher " Go for this, go for that...

Example: Go to the store and get some milk, go get your brother from work, go get me some beer a soda. You get the idea.

And some really great news! I'm being featured on a homeschooling website . Not sure when it will be on the site, but stayed tuned for more information.

The winner of the brainteaser book is Stacy from Stacy's Random Thoughts! Congrats Stacy!

Until next time- that's all folks!

BTW, if you don't have your child's fingerprints AND DNA on hand in case of emergency, we need to talk! AmeriPlan is launching a new program in September that could literally save your child's life!


bethsix said...

SO true about the clothes. I'd be hard-pressed to ever remember what my kids have on after they're out of my sight. Scary. That's a great idea.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Those are great tips - that's one of the reasons I pick out Princess Nagger's clothes every I'll remember what she's wearing! ;) But before she heads out on a day she's going on a field trip, I always make a big deal about taking her picture to 'make a memory' the back of my mind it's for her safety and 'just in case', but I don't tell her that... ;)

Congrats on the feature! Keep us posted - I'll be looking forward to reading it! :)

WooHoo! I'm a winner! :) Looking forward to getting the brain teaser book for PN - she's going to LOVE it! Bet she'll be teasing my brain with it, too... ;)

bernthis said...

that is a great great idea about the clothes. I have the hair from kids second haircut (forgot to take it home from the first one) just in case, God forbid