Feeling old, fat and other semi-depressing stuff...

Today my daughter has an appointment with her rheumatologist. He had told my daughter that if there wasn't a marked improvement, she would probably need to take a shot once a month. She IS NOT impressed with that at all!

For some odd reason both Princess Der and Golden Child are suddenly afraid of needles. Golden Child is supposed to go back to the docs and get bloodwork done because some previous bloodwork showed he may have an overactive thyroid. He refuses at this point to go back and he's 18 now...

But anyhoo, back to old and fat... I really don't feel THAT old. The things to that I associate with old in woman are:

1. Grey hair (I have that - SOMETIMES!)

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE grey hair on some woman, but it makes me look old, not chick (or whatever).

2. Double chin (only when I look down- so I always look up!)

My Grandmother, who died just short of 92, never had a double chin. She claimed it was becasue she slept on her back.

3. The wrinkly chest! (not happening!) We've all seen them- the older woman wearing a tank top, bikini or some other revealing garment on her upper half. And her chest looks like elephant skin or something!

Are you back yet? I KNEW you'd go look in the mirror!

4. The decision to "switch" to stretchy-elasic-waist-banded-denim-trouser-things!

And #4 is what started this whole post. I'm trying to get dressed (because the doctors office doesn't permit woman in pj's and slippers to sit in their waiting room). I must have lost an ounce or two of water weight, because my favorite jeans are getting a tad large- I'm yanking on the waistband everytime I get out of the car. The legs are getting really baggy. I'm not really complaining.

I never find time to eat. I have made some very small changes in my eating habits. And it's working ..I'm dropping a pound here, a pound there-slowly, like they say you should. If I could get back into my exercise routine things would move even a little bit quicker!

I go on a search through my drawers and closet for all of those jeans I have for my "skinny days" and for "someday."

Yes, I did have more jeans in my "someday" pile than my" skinny day" pile for all of those who are wondering...

But the fact of the matter is, if they fit me in my waist, they seem huge in the legs. If I have a great fit on my legs/butt, the waist feels tight. Which I attribute to the surgery when I had my kidney and spleen removed. The way they rolled my fat up and stitched me together...let's just say it took 44 staples to put me back together! So, anything tight on my belly is just plain uncomfortable.

This morning I actually had the thought..."Maybe I should get some stretchy-elasic-waist-banded-denim-trouser-things!"

I bit my tongue with my dentures and made myself stop thinking these horrible old thoughts!

Trying to think positive, I thought of partys. And that got me to thinking of....

Virtual Girls Night Out!


Time to party with the gals over at Ann's Place. So hop on over and put your link into Mr. Linky and join us in a little bloggy fun!

Ann has a party game each week. This week it's The Might Four

Four places I go over and over:
1. Walmart
2. Price Chopper
3. The "goat houses" where our goats live
4. My garden

Four places I would rather be:
1. An Alaskan Cruise
2. A carribean Cruise
3. Traveling the western United States
4. Egypt ( and Paris, and Rome- oops- That's too many!)

Four things I have for breakfast (not all at once):
1. Coffee
2. Cereal
3. Pancakes
4. Sausage

Check this out!

Sandy Rusk , an Internet Buddy of mine has a 12 year old daughter Olivia is totally bald due to a condition called Alopecia. Last year Sandy and Olivia wrote/produced a music video to create awareness for alopecia and bullying.

Here is the video- it really touched my heart as the meds my daughter (12) is on can cause hair loss- she has had some that we've noticed, but not enough that anyone else really notices.

I'm having issues right now copying the video- when I get back from the docs I'll see if I have time to fix it. In the mean time, you can find it here


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm not a big fan of needles, either...and I'm way past 18! ;)

Now wait...you don't feel THAT old, and you're losing poundage...so where does the 'feeling old and fat' come into play? (grin!)

Happy VGNO! :)

Martha in PA said...

Happy VGNO!

Shop with Me Mama said...

happy VGNO! I will have to check out that video of that little girl :(

pam said...

I have two words for you my friend...yoga pants!

The Gonzo Mama said...

A young lady in our church is battling alopecia. It gets better, then worse, better, then worse. So sad.

I've moved to skinny leg jeans now (who knew my 80s clothes would come back?), because I sometimes have the same problem with the waist that fits and the legs that don't.

Happy VGNO!

Tania said...

Hairs on my chin... painful!!!

JulieChats said...

Speaking of feeling old....I'd better head upstairs & color my roots! And yikes, needles are one of my least favorite things right up there with snakes & waiters who don't card me! :)

Happy VGNO!

Drahdrah said...

My grays also make me look old, not chic. Some women wear gray sooo well, and I admire it. I'm a little late, but happy VGNO !

bethsix said...

1. I've got the gray hairs (just a few, but they're coarse and wirey, not pretty).
2. I've got a bad double chin. I'm hoping it'll go away when I lose this baby weight. (heh)
3. As far as I know, I do NOT have the wrinkly chest (ew). Elephant skin is the perfect analogy!
4. Sadly, I would give my left arm for a comfortable pair of stretchy-elastic-waist-banded-denim-trouser things. They're so ugly, but gosh, they'd be more comfortable than real pants.

I must be gettin' old. :(