A Chat Fiend is Born!

As many of my regular readers know, I've recently started a CafeMom group, Work At Home In Your Pj's and Love it. One day while working on my profile , I heard a "bloop".  I'm like "huh?" Then I noticed the "chat box" on the bottom of the window was open, and it occured to me that a "friend of mine" was trying to communicate with me. In fact, they wanted to know about AmeriPlan, the company I work at home for.

Uh-oh, a chatterer I am not (is chatterer even an official word yet?).  I used to hate when my brother- in -law would pop up on my IM. He would want to yakkity-yak through cyber-space for endless amounts of time. Then he would throw in one of the other brothers. C'mom, guys! Ron is enough to handle on a daily basis without his brothers wanting to "have a little chat". So from the day I learned how to get on the Internet, I've despised chatting. Not to be stuck-up or anything....

 It was impossible to keep up with the dialogue when my boys chatted online- especially when I was trying to nonchalantly read it as I passed behind them. So much for Internet safety in the home. By the time I figured out what they are typing, they had probably given the Internet Boogie-man their name, age, address and where they went to school. Still, the Internet Boogie -man stayed away!

 No seriously, though...A kindergartner could blow me away in a timed typing test. I've taken typing classes twice and still find it faster to do it my way. So I assumed I hated chatting....

So back to my friend.  I wouldn't be a very good friend to her if I ignored her plea. And I would be a bad businesswoman as well. So I answered her. I typed out a brief overview of the business. We chatted about kids, our men, and other significant and not so significant stuff. And it was fun!

Then the next day...BLOOP! Another friend..one who homeschools. We chatted about kids, our men, and other significant and not so significant stuff. And it was fun!

The other day I clicked on CafeMom and I couldn't help but look to see what friends were on. And I was tempted to chat. I went to click on a name, and stopped. I  remembered that I was there to work on my group, not to have fun (not to say the group isn't fun!.
So I got out my schedule and penciled in "Internet Fun" because after all you gotta have a little fun with your friends now & then, right?
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Hey Ladies...It's time for VGNO!


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Mrs Cooper said...

Hey there, stopping in on a rainy VGNO afternoon. Have a great weekend.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Enjoyed looking at your new site.
Have a great VGNO!

Michele said...

Hey Darlin,
I'm not a huge "chatterer" either. The odd time, on facebook, someone with pop up...and I usually end up having a nice visit.

But for the most part, I try to avoid it... I love to communicate, but I prefer to email.
"A kindergartner could blow me away in a timed typing test."~Funny.

Great post.

blueviolet said...

I used to do the instant message thing a little bit but time would just slip away too quickly.

Happy VGNO!

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

stopping by for a fall Friday Night party..happy VGNO!

Gladys said...

Careful that chatting can become addictive.

Kat said...

Happy VGNO! Hoping to get a sunny rock picture today before I mail it off to you my dear :)

JulieChats said...

Glad you had fun chatting with your new friend. It's been a lot of fun meeting so many bloggers many far away & some even in my area.

Just stopping by a little late to wish you a Happy VGNO!