I'm giving myself a raise!

I can see the headlines now...Work At Home Mom Gives Herself A Raise!

I know I've been a lousy follower lately. I do sincerely apologize. But I've been gearing up to give myself a raise as well as a company promotion - one thing I love about WAH. I don't have to wait for the boss to decide if I get a raise or not- I just work harder :-)

I have been socializing a lot more while building up my new group on CafeMom. I have met some really friendly moms there.

If you haven't been there, you really should stop by.....there are some articles, some stories from WAH moms, and some posts from WAH moms. If you've ever thought about working from home, stop on over! The link is:

Work at home in your P.J's and love it!

On to other news....

I had my last class for Journal Writing last night. That was one night a week for 2 1/2 hours. That's a WHOLE NIGHT away from my computer! But I always have a ball teaching it. And it pays VERY well, so I get paid for having fun. I proposed a beginning blogging class, but I guess they have a secured server and can't get a lot of Social Networking sites.

On to other mildly exciting news....

Girl Scouts is in full swing! I have 2 new girls, so that will be nice. That gives us 7 girls, a nice small number. The other day I had them break into two groups and each group took (I think it was 5) sentences from the Girl Scout Law and made up quick skits for each- maybe a minute or so. They were so funny! These are 7th & 8th graders and they are so goofey! I couldn't help but laugh!

We are looking into going to a haunted house, doing a food drive with the boy scouts and going camping in November. That's to start!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for Virtual Girls Night Out!


bernthis said...

what is better than doing something you love and getting paid good money for it? NOTHING