The Ride, baby animals and pumpkin roll! Yum-yum!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It's Friday again and I have been so danged busy with my Examiner articles, my new position as coordinator for the Central New York Network Marketing Group, my business and doctors visits.  It's crazy.

If I thought of any Friday Fragments, they drifted out of my head faster than I could write them down.

I have taken some pics, though. They are all in the last week or so.

 Disregard the dates - I never set the date on my camera. And I have to keep resting the thing, the way I go through batteries.

The pics start out with the woods behind my house- there is a hill that goes down to a BIG pond- about 1 1/2 miles long.

The Woods & Pond

From the top of the hill- early morning fog.

Woods & pond on a clearer day.

Some of our "rides"

This is The Ride as we call it. The lot car.

Used to be Ron's ride.

Ron used to give all the kids rides through the woods in The Ride.

 Apparently he's hit a few trees.

I would never go with them....

This is our tractor that Ron used to get The Ride out of a mudhole in the woods.

This is our "dump truck" and the boys ride- again an old ride of Rons.

This is what Ron used to get the tractor out of the mudhole after he got it stuck trying to extract The Ride out of the same mudhole.

Are you confused yet?

The Animals

Feeding Time at Bungee - Cord Acres

My favorite duck, Brownie.

And Great Food!

We had to make 2 pumpkin rolls because they were sooooo good!

The recipe can be found at in the recipe section.

Now, it's time to blog-hop!

Stop by Mrs.444's for Friday Fragments and Ann's for Virtual Girls Night Out.


Hope to see you all there!



Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Wow, you've got a lot of vehicles-- and animals! But, I have to compliment you on the "Trees in morning fog" picture-- I'd love to have that print enlarged for my bedroom!


Alicia @ bethsix said...

Agree on that picture. Purdy.

And... Awww, Brownie! That is one cute duck!

Ann Pierce said...

Love the animals!! Happy vgno!


Lisa Sharp said...

Wow beautiful pond/woods! I miss living in the country. It's so much fun as a kid (and adult).

And happy VGNO!

Nancy Campbell said...

Lovely pictures; I also am a sucker for a duck (or chicken)picture

Mrs4444 said...

Finally made it-sorry it took me so long!

Your property looks like a fun place :) I've never made/eaten a pumpkin roll, but they sure look good! (Now my mouth is watering....)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Loved the pictures - sounds like you live on great property! :)

I followed the whole 'The Ride', tractor, mud hole scenario...should I be worried? ;)

That pumpkin roll looks delicious!

Happy FF late! :)

JulieChats said...

YUM! Pumpkin rolls! Those sound awesome, we made pumpkin bread from that kit they have in the stores right now and it really is yummy!

I love your photos of the woods, it's just such a different look than we have here in Oregon, we have lot's of beautiful trees with colorful leaves but about 1/2 or more of our trees are evergreens, so you can't look between them & into the distance. We also have tons of brush around our trees.

You should just turn off the date on your camera, I did that after seeing photos all with different incorrect dates. The date stays off even when I change the battery, which is often, like you.

Have a great week & happy late VGNO!

ellen said...

Hello! Finding a way to reaching out. God Bless!