Not me Monday!

Hello, it's Monday and it's time to reveal all those things you didn't do :

I did not forget to have my daughters (home)school work ready for her this morning- Not Me!

I also did not tell said daughter to play rummy and "Let's go shopping" with her step-brother for Math lesson today. Not Me!

I did not forget (again) to take my daughter to church youth group last night- NOT ME! Must have been someone else! It is on a new night after all!

I did not hide my dirty cookie sheets in the oven when our friends announced they were on their way over. Not Me!

I did not go 12 weeks between hair appointments and thus have to do an emergency trim & dye myself. Not Me!

I did not have to run to the store today for everything- milk, eggs, bread, butter...well, food! I was not unprepared. Not Me!

I did not almost have a heart attack when Princess Der cleaned her room- Not Me!

I did not play on the computer until past 5 p.m. today, with out dishes being done,with out dinner being started yet, with out laundry put away, yadda, yadda...

Not Me!



bernthis said...

I did not take my kid out to dinner again,

dom said...

I have added you in links. Hope you can link me up too. Than You and God Bless!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Hey Dom, I can't get to you- it says your blog is set to private!

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Hey there! I'm stopping by from MckMama's blog hop!

That's too funny about hiding the bakeware... I do stuff like that ALL the time. One day I'm going to forget where I stash stuff and turn on the oven... and be in REAL trouble!


ellen said...

your visit is indeed a blessing... hope to hear from you sis

dom said...

hello carolee,
your comments make me happy..probably you can link me up now...waiting for ur visit God Bless!

ellen said...

love to hear from you have a nice day!

Martha in PA said...

LOL! I hate when "not me" forgets to do things!